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  • Will sensors work in both cold and hot?

    RuuviTag's electronics are specified to work from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F).

    The default battery that is included the shipment, tolerates temperatures from -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F).

    Extended temperature batteries are available on order. For more info, please email

  • What is the range?

    RuuviTag broadcasts Bluetooth Low Energy messages one time every single second, 24/7. This greatly enhances range between RuuviTag and receiver (mobile phone).

    Without obstacles in open air, we have measured extreme ranges (>500 meters or >1600 feet). However, mobile phones' Bluetooth antennas differ a lot and some phone models have better reception than others. Any obstacles also greatly decrease the range.

    Due to these facts, we don't promise any exact range for the sensors. 

  • How long the battery will last?

    RuuviTag comes with a CR2477 battery that heorethically lasts about 4 years.

    However, in practice, battery lifetime will be somewhat shorter so to be safe, we tend to say it has a 2+ year battery.

    Battery life depends on temperature. In cold temperatures, lifetime will be shorted due to battery and in really warm temperatures electronics consume a bit more power than on room temperatures. This can shorten the projected battery life.

  • How does RuuviTag actually work?

    RuuviTag is an extreme low-power Bluetooth Low Energy sensor node that continuously measures temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and acceleration.

    Environmental variable measurements are taken every second, 24/7. After data is measured, RuuviTag prepares a Bluetooth message and broadcasts it out for nearby receiver to collect. The receiver can be a mobile phone or a gateway.

    Even the sensor measures and sends data every second, battery is projected to theorethically last up to 4 years. This means one battery has enough juice to measure and send up to 100 million times before running out of energy.


  • How does Ruuvi Station app actually work?

    As soon as your phone has detected a close-by RuuviTag, you can see it in the app. In the settings, you can change the name of the sensor, ea. “Home basement” and set a picture.

    You can also set alerts on, ea. about specific temperature levels. The app then sends you real-time push notifications, if you allow them.

    On the left-hand side menu, you can add more RuuviTag sensors and by swiping right, you get to see all your sensors in this one app.

    Read more on the manuals.

  • RuuviTag is open-source. What does it mean?

    Ruuvi products are different than many others because our software and hardware are both 100% open-source.

    For general consumers this does not necessarily make that much difference but for companies, home automation enthusiasts and electronics hobbyists simply love this tiny but still extremely significant detail.

    For example, if you would like to modify RuuviTag's firmware to do your own thing, you can.

    Read more about how Ruuvi can boost your business and how RuuviTags can be used for prototyping purposes:

  • How fast is your shipping?

    From Monday to Friday, we usually ship orders from our Finnish warehouse in the same or next day.

    Ruuvi has happy customers in over 100 countries. We ship world-wide.

    We always keep stock and all the orders are delivered as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

    For different shipping options available, see the shipping info page.