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IOTA / Ethereum Summer Camp

Recently, we’ve been working with IOTA’s team by adding their MAM (Masked Authentication Messaging) support to RuuviTag.

This made RuuviTag the first IOTA compatible low-power sensor device available.

To showcase the new feature and to allow developers to use RuuviTags in their IOTA/Ethereum projects as soon as possible, we headed to Frankfurt where a 5-day blockchain/tangle hacking event took place.

Lauri and Otso from Ruuvi and Andreas Osowski from IOTA.
Lauri and Otso from Ruuvi and Andreas Osowski from IOTA.

The sold out event was organised by Frankfurt Business School Blockchain Center and had a several fascinating speakers.

Frankfurt school of finance & management

The week was really productive and inspiring in many ways:

Dozens of talented developers built their real-world IoT business [proof of] business concepts on top of IOTA/Ethereum using Raspberry Pi / HiKey hardware platforms and RuuviTag sensors.

Find #iothackffm on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Andreas presenting IOTA.
Andreas presenting IOTA. presenting their IoT blockchain tools. presenting their IoT blockchain tools.

After brainstorming on the first day, teams decided what to build and if they would like to use RuuviTags in their projects.

The teams created in total 15 (!) awesome projects and presented those at the closing event on Friday.

This is one of the projects:

BountyBoard logo

BountyBoard is a skateboard that has a RuuviTag on bottom to measure acceleration and orientation of the board. Team behind this concept project is Martin Maurer, Philipp Sandner, Daniel Grassinger and Otso Jousimaa.

Complete tricks and earn tokens.

BountyBoard presentation
Why not?
The BountyBoard TrickDetector
Basics of the project. A RuuviTag on bottom and a Raspberry Pi 3 as a gateway. Could be also a mobile phone.
An encrypted MAM message
An encrypted MAM message sent successfully from RuuviTag to the Raspberry Pi 3. After this, the RPi publishes a transaction to the Tangle.
Transactions on Tangle Explorer
Transactions on Tangle Explorer. Got some tokens. Sweet!

Unfortunately, not all the material such as video presentations and Medium articles about the projects is shared online yet. But here’s a list of the projects:

1 Democratizing Enviromental Data
2 DecentSience
3 FarmChain
5 Energy Team IoT
6 fsof
7 PalletSwap
9 Pay2Pour
10 Peakon
11 DroneChain
12 SmartCredit
13 SmartLogistics
14 Peer-to-peer IoT based Energy Smart Contracts
15 BountyBoard

You can read more about the event here:

IOTA on RuuviTag

To know more about the MAM support on RuuviTag, check our IOTA tutorial on RuuviLab and join #iota on our Slack team.

Slack logo

About our future projects on IOTA, more info to come. Follow the blog and join our mailing list on to keep posted.

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RuuviTag Sensor (4in1)


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