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Welcome, Friend.

- Do you need professional help with your project?

- Are you a mobile app freelance developer looking for clients?

- Is your company currently hiring?

- Are you looking for a job?

- Can your company modify Ruuvi's open-source firmware?

If yes, then you may find answers and clients here.

With over 2,000 members, the Ruuvi community is a huge resource group and a great audience for your projects and/or business. Ruuvi has members and customers all over the world – currently in around 100 different countries.

"We have created the Ruuvi Matchmaking board because we want talented developers to network and collaborate with those who need work to be done."

Please note that to use the board your offering does not need to be directly related to Ruuvi products. However, because of the nature of this space and Ruuvi Community members' interest areas, we’d like to ask you to only post topics that are relevant to the Information Technology field.

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