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Sensor Cards

Sensor cards are used in Ruuvi Station to visualize the collected Ruuvi sensor data in real-time. Each sensor card is associated with a single sensor. Every individual sensor card can be configured to trigger alerts in the sensor settings.

Sensor Card in Ruuvi Station.

From the Sensor Card you can access to:

Displayed information

  • Sensor name
  • Alert indicator
  • Temperature
  • Relative air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Movement
  • Update time

Important notice: not all our Ruuvi Sensors are equipped with the same measurement components. For example, if you have a RuuviTag Pro 2-in-1 that measures only movements and temperature, humidity and air pressure readings will remain empty. Read more about the different sensors and their components here.


Tap on the Graphs icon to toggle between the Graphs view and the sensor card view.


Each sensor can alert about a set limit being reached. Tap on the Alert icon to access Sensor Settings page.

Alert indications

If any pre-configured alert gets triggered, an alert will be displayed on the sensor card to indicate this. Additionally, an alert notification will be shown on the screen. Every alert notification contains additional information about the alert, such as sensor name and alert type.

Showing the Sensors as a list

If you want to see data for all the sensors within the same view as in the picture below, choose the dashboard view in App Settings.

Dashboard View in Ruuvi Station