Team Member: Otso

Otso joined the Ruuvi community a few years ago. Since then his contributions have been invaluable for us as a community and a company.

RuuviTag’s firmware and several other Ruuvi software projects are thanks to Otso’s handiwork.

Although he’s currently works mostly on the firmware side but Otso’s profession isn’t limited to only software. He holds a Master’s Degree in Automation and Systems Technology and his thesis explored energy harvesting with sensor devices.

Otso presenting
Otso presenting RuuviTag’s IOTA Masked Authentication Messaging feature in Frankfurt, August 2017.

Otso started programming and tinkering with electronics in his early teens. Since then, he has been hooked to keeping up with new technology and is always learning new skills. Now, he’s, without question, one of the top talents in this industry.

Helsinki HackLab logo
For years, Otso has been one of the main actives at Helsinki Hacklab.

My opinion has been for a long time that it’s not degrees or grades matter in technology. What matters the most is enthusiasm and a hunger to build and create new things and to keep learning. Continuously.

If you meet Otso, his dedication and love to technology won’t remain unclear.

Ruuvi is lucky to have him onboard.

Just like Henri and Sini-Maaria, Otso is one of the co-owners of the Ruuvi Innovations.