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Ruuvi Gateway - Remote monitoring for sensors
Includes a 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro subscription plan activation code

Ruuvi Gateway - Remote monitoring for sensors

Includes a 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro subscription plan activation code


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Every Ruuvi Gateway product is shipped with a 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro activation code. If you order two Ruuvi Gateways, you’ll get totally 12 months of Ruuvi Cloud Pro usage. With Ruuvi Gateway, you can read your Ruuvi sensors from anywhere in the world. Connect your Gateway to the Internet via Wi-Fi (WLAN) or Ethernet, and you won’t ever again need to worry about being out of Bluetooth range. Ruuvi Gateway is fully compatible with all Ruuvi sensors, old and new. Package includes: Ruuvi Gateway, Ethernet cable, power supply, power cable (USB-C), mounting screws, user manual.

Technical Specifications
10/100 Mbit/s (PoE possible with a separate dongle)
Wi-Fi (WLAN)
2,4 GHz (no other bands supported)
Main processor
Espressif Systems ESP32
Bluetooth receiver
Nordic Semiconductor nRF52811
Flash memory
128 Mbit
Operating temperature
-20 ºC to +70 ºC (contact us for a special wide temperature version)
Power source
USB-C (Europlug power adapter and power cable included)
114 mm
150 g
SMA female connector (cloverleaf antenna included)
Enclosure material
Polycarbonate (same as on RuuviTag)
Generic screws (included)
Temperature monitoring on summer cottage


Read your sensors from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited access to Ruuvi Sensors with Ruuvi Gateway
Receive temperature alerts


Always get notified of unwanted condition changes.

Ruuvi Gateway alerts
Europe modern complex of residential buildings next to some outdoor facilities.


Ruuvi Gateway offers much better Bluetooth range compared to ordinary smartphones.

Ruuvi Gateway Range
Happy male traveler showing thumb up in summer mountains at sunset, point of view shot

Share With

With help of the new Ruuvi cloud, also friends and family can access your sensors.

Sensor sharing with Ruuvi Gateway

Web Dashboard

Explore longer and more detailed history

Ruuvi Web Dashboard shown on different devices

To unleash the full power of Ruuvi sensors and Gateway, we’ve created a completely new web dashboard that complements the Ruuvi Station mobile app.

On the web dashboard you can monitor all your sensors in real time, analyse their full history and modify Ruuvi Station alerting settings.

Step 1

Log in on Ruuvi Station mobile app and claim ownership of your Ruuvi sensors.

Step 2

Connect Ruuvi Gateway to the Internet and it automatically starts to route data of its nearby sensors to the cloud.

That's it!

Your remote monitoring system has been set up and you can enjoy all the features.

If you're an advanced or business user, you can also use your own HTTP/MQTT server. Endless possibilities.

Easy and flexible

Ruuvi Gateway is designed to serve both individual consumers and businesses. While it works straight out of the box with Ruuvi applications, it can also suit the needs of demanding business users.


    No complicated configuration. Plug & play.


    Compatible with old and new Ruuvi sensors.


    Enhanced Bluetooth reception gives a better range than many other receivers.


    Pair with Home Assistant and integrate with almost anything (an upcoming feature).


    Custom-made serverless cloud backend does the heavy lifting behind the remote monitoring.


    Firmware, backend, hardware and mobile apps are all open source.


    Advanced users can route data to their own backends using HTTP and MQTT.


    Internal expansion boards with Ruuvi Connector system are supported. Endless possibilities.


    Community powered testing and support makes the best open source software.

Subscription Plans

We continuously expand our offering and features so that you’ll continue to get more out of your sensors.

Find more information about the Ruuvi Cloud plans on the Ruuvi Cloud subscription store.

Every Ruuvi Gateway product is shipped with a 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro activation code. If you order two Ruuvi Gateways, you’ll get totally 12 months of Ruuvi Cloud Pro usage, free of charge. You’re always able to downgrade with no additional fees if you decide not to continue your subscription after the trial period.



0 € / month
Simple live monitoring

10 min update interval

Sensor sharing (without history)

Widgets (Android & iOS)

Supports up to 25 sensors



2,62 - 2,90 € / month
History & push alerts

5 min update interval

15 min interval for >24 h history

3 months history in Ruuvi Cloud

Sensor sharing

Widgets (Android & iOS)

Push alerts (Android & iOS)

Supports up to 25 sensors




8,91 - 9,90 € / month
Up to 50 sensors

1 min update interval

15 min interval for >24 h history

3 years history storage in Ruuvi Cloud

Sensor sharing

Widgets (Android & iOS)

Email alerts

Push alerts (Android & iOS)

Cloud connection alerts (if sensor goes offline due to dead battery or any other issue)

Priority support

Supports up to 50 sensors

Upcoming features:

Alerts to multiple recipients *

Instant messaging alerts *

Improved sensor sharing *

Improved history storage *

More business features coming



Up to 100 sensors

More info coming



Over 100 sensors

More info coming

A 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro activation code is delivered to each Ruuvi Gateway product. Meaning, if you order two Ruuvi Gateway routers, you get 6+6 months of Ruuvi Cloud Pro completely free of charge.

Ruuvi Gateway can send data to a third-party server via HTTP/MQTT or can be used with Home Assistant integration without monthly fees.

Note: All Ruuvi Cloud plans are designed for non-critical uses only. Although we keep the services working as well as possible, 100% availability and data retention cannot be guaranteed. Ruuvi Cloud Consumer plans are designed for private use only. Reselling Ruuvi Cloud plans isn’t allowed. Ruuvi reserves the right to change pricing and feature selection. Contact for any enquiry about special use needs of Ruuvi Cloud Consumer & Business plans.

* Upcoming features

  • Instant message alerts are planned. More detailed information and schedules will be published later.
  • The improved sensor sharing feature allows you to quickly share access to a selected number or all of your sensors with other users without having to share them individually. The feature is scheduled to be available in 2023.
  • The email alerts to multiple recipients feature is scheduled to be available in 2023.
  • The improved history storage data saving feature makes the pruning of sensor data history less strict. More detailed information and schedules will be published later.

"Better range"

Previously I had problems with receiving signals from all my RuuviTags that I have at my summer cottage. Now I am able to receive data from all of them!

Jukka, beta tester
"No configuration needed"

I was surprised that no configuration was needed. I just plugged in the Ethernet cable and it started to route sensor data. Other gateways I've used have been slow and complicated to set up.

Alan, beta tester
"Gateway helps our business"

We've had serious problems with getting data from RuuviTags to our cloud in a reliable manner and we hope the Gateway will take the pain away. So far it's working great!

Tommi, beta tester

Ruuvi Gateway

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use many Gateways at the same time?

Yes you can.

For example, you can have one subscription plan, 2 Gateways in different locations and 10 Ruuvi sensors in each location within range of the Gateways.

Gateways aren’t linked to your subscription plan. This means that you can use several Gateways to cover all your sensors. Ruuvi Gateways are independent routers that continuously listen to broadcast sensor data messages sent by Ruuvi sensors.

My internet isn't always reliable. How does it affect the Gateways?

Ruuvi Gateway periodically sends most recent sensor data from nearby Ruuvi sensors to the cloud. If the cloud doesn’t respond (no connection), Gateway continues trying.

Every transmission attempt has the most recent data the Gateway has received from the sensors. This means that if data transmission has been delayed due to connectivity issues, data during the offline period will be lost.

Do sharees need subscription plans to see history and use alerts?

No. A free plan is enough.

If you have an active subscription plan and you share a sensor with a friend, he/she can access the same history data with you. Your friend can also set his/her own alert limits for the sensor.

Can I log in on multiple devices?

Yes you can.

Ruuvi Cloud supports multiple simultaneous sessions. This means that you can for example stay logged in on two of your mobile phones at the same time.

Are my app and sensor settings stored in the cloud?

Yes they are.

After you log in on Ruuvi Station, your settings will be securely stored to the cloud.

When you log in on a different device, the settings are automatically restored and you don’t need to reconfigure. Included are:

  • Claimed sensors
    – Names
    – Background images
    – Offset settings
    – Alert settings
    – Sharing settings
  • App settings
Can Gateway send data to my own server?

Yes, without any monthly fees.

Ruuvi Gateway can be configured to route sensor data to any server. HTTP and MQTT protocols are supported. See documentation for more information.

How many sensors can one Gateway handle simultaneously?

One hundred (100).

If you have more than 100 active Ruuvi sensors, Ruuvi Gateway routes their data randomly.

This is a software limit, and if your business case requires increased numbers, please contact us.

What's included in the package?

If you pre-order now, you’ll get:

  • 1 x Ruuvi Gateway
  • 1 x Custom-made cloverleaf antenna
  • 1 x Ethernet cable
  • 1 x Power supply
  • 1 x Power cord
  • 2 x Generic mounting screws

Ruuvi Gateway uses a USB-C power supply (as seen on many common mobile phones and laptops). We ship Europlug power supplies by default.


Below we’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you cannot find an answer, you can always contact us via social platforms. You can also send us an email: /


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