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Using RuuviTags

RuuviTag is a generic sensor node, that fits perfectly with many uses.

Its open-source design enables various customisation possibilities. Both the hardware and software are 100% open.

Building new products with different purposes or using RuuviTags as a part of an existing product is fast and cost-effective, as the device is certified and already in mass production.

Our product has several thousand of happy users around the world.

1500+ Companies

More than one thousand companies from more than 100 countries comprising of both startups and large corporations are building on top of RuuviTags.

Ready for Action

CE / FCC / IP67 / RoHS / Bluetooth certified design. Ready to be deployed in the field.


Both electronics and software are open-source. No vendor lock-in and a huge benefit when building something unique.

Robust Design

Long battery lifetime = low maintenance costs. Strong and IP67 certified enclosure.

Real Life Use-Cases

RuuviTag is helping many companies save valuable time and money.

Thanks to the fully open-source software, many of them have decided not go down the expensive route of creating their own product. A huge resource saving.

Kaltio Smart Tracker

Kaltio Technologies' product enables easy tracking of cargo conditions.

“Data collection with movable tags in connection to movable devices provides a significant added value for the logistics chain operators.”

Kaltio Technologies Website

“RuuviTags open source approach to hw business allows us to get full potential of state-of-the-art iot sensor. This helps us to focus our core business which is to solve customers' problems with our platform.”

Timo Konu
CEO at Kaltio Technologies Oy


In construction, knowing concrete's relative humidity can result in big savings.

In the government funded KIRA-digi project, NCC gathered temperature and humidity measurements at the construction site using RuuviTag sensors.

NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region with 17,800 employees in 2017.

Press Article (in Finnish)

“Sensors alerted us when the temperature of concrete and the construction site dropped too low. By making adjustment only when they were needed, the concrete dried faster and the project was completed on schedule.”

Esa Eklund
Development Engineer, NCC


CorvusGPS uses RuuviTags in conjunction with their fleet tracking platform.

Drivers’ phones receive RuuviTag temperature sensor readings from refrigerator trucks’ cold storage containers and uploads the data to a server.

CorvusGPS Website / RuuviLab article

“RuuviTag is simple and accurate! Thanks to the precise design and great support we didn't have to develop a new sensor, which means huge savings for us. Temperature and cold-chain monitoring has never been so easy.”

Sárdi Zoltán
CEO at CorvusGPS

Aapo Rista, CC-BY-SA 4.0,

Helsinki (Korkeasaari) Zoo

To build an activity tracker for an African spurred tortoise, only a standard RuuviTag and a Raspberry Pi Zero W were needed. The set up collects activity data and sends it to the cloud. Now the zoo can easily check tortoises’ activity logs using any internet browser.

“Helsinki Zoo is home to 150 animal species and almost 1000 plant species that show the diversity of nature. The zoo was established already in 1889 and this makes it one of the oldest zoos in the world.”

Helsinki Zoo's Facebook post

“Korkeasaari zoo wanted to measure animal activity and RuuviTag was the easiest gadget to make the first proof-of-concept level version of an animal activity sensor.”

Aapo Rista

Mesh NetworkingEasy to deploy and infinitely scalable

Wirepas Mesh is a wireless IoT connectivity protocol that allows unlimited number of RuuviTags to be connected to the Internet with unprecedented cost efficiency and industrial-grade reliability.

Read more: RuuviLab article.

“The era of Massive IoT requires open platforms with standard APIs with unique capabilities from both hardware and software. The combination of RuuviTag and Wirepas Mesh is the answer when scale, density, reliability and easiness of deployment are the questions.”

Teppo Hemiä
CEO at Wirepas

Happy customers Companies justlove ruuvitags

See how RuuviTags are used to solve different problems.

Concrete Drying Process

#RuuviTag #opensource sensors deliver humidity and temperature data of concrete drying process to save time and money.

Read Article

RuuviTag Video Review

Sensors, BLE, JavaScript and lots of nerd
- #garyexplains


Wirepas and Ruuvi presenting at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018

Excited at #BCW18 event with the world's leading mesh protocol provider @Wirepas soft launching #RuuviTag Mesh DevKits. Great stuff, guys. - @HenriHakunti

Open tweet

NCC + concrete

Seurasimme betonivaluihin kiinnitetyillä bluetooth-antureilla luotettavasti rakennustyömaan olosuhteita. Valut kuivuivat aikataulun mukaisesti haastavassa syyssäässä oikein mitoitetuin toimenpitein.

Open tweet

Kaltiot Asset Tracking

Good to see new products utilizing #RuuviTag! Smart asset and sensor tracking by @kaltiot showcased @Teknologiamessu - @ruuvicom

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RuuviTags available in your company colors

Did you know that custom #Pantone colour #RuuviTag sensors are available in large quantity orders? These little beauties are ready to be shipped to one of our special customers - @ruuvicom

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This is cool. Easy cold chain monitoring using #RuuviTag sensors and @corvusgps. “Temperature Monitoring helps smart companies to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction quickly.” – @ruuvicom

Open tweet

Breeding cycle activity monitor

#RuuviTag sensors on cows help farmers track their breeding cycles to know when is the best time for the cattle to become mamas! - @ruuvicom

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Press article (in finnish)

Nordic-Semiconductor Press Release

Nordic Semiconductor-powered beacon provides open-source development platform for developers, makers and hobbyists.

Read the release

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Ruuvi Station mobile application is a simple and quick way to explore features of RuuviTags.

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