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Complete Wireless
Measurement Solution

Certified open source sensor products for businesses.

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Use Ruuvi sensors as they are, or modify them to fit your needs.

Ruuvi products are open source, customisable, fully certified and in mass production.




Female factory worker in reflective uniform with hardhat helmet checking new arrival of goods in warehouse while worker using bar code reader in background. Logistics and distribution.

Asset tracking

Ruuvi sensors can be used to locate assets or personnel.

Fresh salmon on ice at a market

Cold chain monitoring

Ruuvi fits nicely with food and beverages monitoring.

Roof of construction site of new multi-storey residential building, industrial construction crane and other industry equipment.

Construction sites

Monitor concrete humidity or work conditions on construction sites.

Interior of a commercial greenhouse for cultivating potted houseplants for retail with rows of green seedlings stretching back into the distance

Greenhouse monitoring

Measure temperature and humidity to optimise greenhouse facilities.

Predictive maintenance with blue industrial pumps

Predictive maintenance

Monitor motor and gearboxes to understand more about their usage, or to predict maintenance needs.

modern office interior design. Loft concept 3d rendering

Office spaces

Monitor usage of office spaces by monitoring movement of chairs and temperature cycles of workstations.

Europe modern complex of residential buildings. And outdoor facilities.

Building monitoring

Optimize temperature and humidity in your buildings and enjoy big savings on electricity and heating costs.

Trusted by the Largest Companies

Ruuvi products are designed to perfectly fit both consumer and business uses. Ruuvi has already over 5 000 business customers located in over 100+ countries.

We didn't have to develop a new sensor

Thanks to the precise design and great support we didn't have to develop a new sensor, which means huge savings for us. Temperature and cold-chain monitoring has never been so easy. RuuviTag is simple and accurate!

Sárdi Zoltán, CEO, Corvus GPS
Ruuvi helps us to focus our core business...

...which is to solve customers' problems with our platform. Ruuvi's open source approach to HW business allows us to get full potential of state-of-the-art IoT sensor.

Timo Konu, CEO, Kaltio Technologies Oy
Sensors alerted us when the temperature of concrete and the construction site dropped too low

By making adjustment only when they were needed, the concrete dried faster and the project was completed on schedule.

Esa Eklund, Development engineer, NCC


Already more than 5 000 business customers from over 100 countries use Ruuvi sensors on their projects.


    Customise and integrate with ease. Ruuvi software and hardware projects are all open.


    Save time and be confident when moving to larger scale deployments.


    Possible to integrate or even adjust the core functionality in no time.




    Ruuvi is all about polished designs and high build quality.


    Designed by the best engineers and manufactured in a ISO9001 certified factory in Europe.


    Big order? No problem. Our production is designed to scale fast.


    Low quantities are attractively priced and large quantities get even more affordable.


    We're able to deliver orders up to 1000 units very quickly.


    Ruuvi products are great for piloting, but they're also ready for larger deployments.


    Our strong development community provides additional support and open source tools.

Benefits of
Open Source

Ruuvi hardware, firmware, backend and mobile applications are all open source. You can see under the hood and trust in how the products are built.

Open source shortens integration times and opens totally new business opportunities. Prototype, pilot and move to larger scale sensor deployments quickly and with confidence.

Mesh Partners

Ruuvi works closely with many companies to provide you with more options on how to use the sensors.

Mesh networking and other 3rd party integrations are an important part of the big picture.

Ruuvi Sensor Measurement Kit for Business
Complete starter pack for Wireless Measuring

Ruuvi Sensor Measurement Kit for Business

Complete starter pack for Wireless Measuring


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Every Ruuvi Gateway product is shipped with a 6-month Ruuvi Cloud Pro activation code. If you order two Ruuvi Gateways, you’ll get totally 12 months of free Ruuvi Cloud Pro usage.

Ruuvi Sensor Measurement Kit is a complete environmental measurement solution to every home. The kit includes three high-quality wireless sensors, an Ethernet/Wi-Fi router and various accessories. The router continuously relays data from the sensors to the Ruuvi Cloud.

Remote sensors and their reliable email alert notifications ease everyday life and make measuring at home fun and easy. Users have praised Ruuvi sensors as the easiest smart home gadgets they’ve ever used: installing the system is super quick and “they just work”.

RuuviTag Sensor 4in1 (temperature, air humidity, air pressure, motion) x 2
RuuviTag Pro Sensor 3in1 (temperature, air humidity, motion)

Ruuvi Gateway Router

Silicone Case for RuuviTag x 2
Stand for RuuviTag x 2
Pouch for RuuviTag x 2
2-Sided 3M VHB Tape for RuuviTag x 2
Ruuvi Notebook (not sold separately)

Cloud Service
Ruuvi Cloud Basic subscription starting from 2,90€/month and Pro 4,90 €/month. Read more
(A free Basic plan is available, downgrading is always free of charge.)

Ruuvi Station mobile app and web browser dashboard

Includes also
Ethernet cable, power supply, power cable (USB-C), mounting screws, cable ties and user manuals.

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Can I send data from the Ruuvi Gateway to my own backend?

Yes, like all our products, the Ruuvi Gateway is 100% open-source and customizable. Data can be routed to any backend using HTTP and MQTT protocols.

Where Ruuvi products are manufactured?

Ruuvi products are designed in Finland and manufactured in France by an ISO9001 certified company to provide the highest quality standards for the most demanding professional usage. The Ruuvi products are also widely certified: CE, FCC, ISED, TELEC, IFETEL, NOM, RTCA DO-160, RoHS, IP67, or IP69K depending on the products.

Where Ruuvi open-source codes are located?

All Ruuvi products are open-source, meaning that they are fully customizable. You can develop your own application by leveraging the Ruuvi Station code available on GitHub or by starting from scratch if required. Our strong development community also provides additional support and open source tools.

Is Ruuvi able to deliver large commands rapidly?

Yes! In addition to our existing stock, our production is also designed to scale up very fast for orders that are superior to 1000 units.

Is there any license fees when using Ruuvi products?

There is no licence fee when using Ruuvi products. All information related to licences and Ruuvi Products here.

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