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What to measure with Ruuvi?

Take care of your home, holiday house and belongings with these tips. You will also save on electricity consumption and ease your everyday life.

What to measure with Ruuvi temperature and humidity sensors?

Use cases

Below you can find a list of use cases for Ruuvi sensors. Click the icon to see short instructions with suggested reference values for temperature and humidity.

Aquarium, Attic, Base floor, Basement, Bathroom, Bathtub, Batteries, Bedroom, Boat, Boiler, Cold chain, Compost, Cool box, Cottage, Door, Dough, Engine room, Exotic animals, Food preservation, Food safety, Food storing, Freezer, Fridge, Garage, Garden, Greenhouse, Home, Humidor, Instruments, Jacuzzi, Kennel, Library, Living room, Machine room, Mailbox, Medicine, Music room, Nature, Office, Pets, Piano, Pipes, Pizza dough, Pool, Sauna, Shed, Sourdough, Sous-vide cooking, Terrace, Tiny house, Van, Vinyls, Water, Weather, Wine storage

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