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A Complete Environmental Sensor Solution in Your Pocket

Ruuvi has happy personal and business users in over 100 countries.


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Temperature, humidity, air pressure, movement, proximity

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Using RuuviTags

RuuviTag is a generic sensor node, that fits perfectly with many uses. Its open-source design enables various customisation possibilities. Both the hardware and software are 100% open.

Building new products with different purposes or using RuuviTags as a part of an existing product is fast and cost-effective, as the device is certified and already in mass production.

RuuviTags sold in 2016 alone, have already produced more than 350 000 000 000 data points.

Over 1 500 companies are already using RuuviTags to boost their businesses.

Made Easy

Use RuuviTags at home and for your hobbies

RuuviTag is a weatherproof Bluetooth sensor capable of sending temperature, humidity, pressure and motion information directly to your mobile phone.

It has limitless use possibilities around your home, and has a convenient, long-lasting battery.

Temperature, humidity, air pressure, motion, proximity

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Open-source as an advantage

Not only does RuuviTag fit many uses without the need for further modifications, but it’s also a generic and flexible platform for developers, hackers and students.

RuuviLab is full of innovative and helpful ideas with easy-to-follow instructions. Our Forum and Slack channels are great places to meet and exchange ideas with fellow developers and users.

RuuviLab RuuviForum Ruuvi Github Ruuvi Slack

on blockchain?

We are already there

Recently, cryptocurrencies and blockchains have been gaining a lot of traction with the media and the public.

Many companies are exploring the possibilities the technology enables. Internet of Things is no different, with its many possible applications.

Distributed ledger technologies bring extra safety to the world of IoT, along with offering completely new business opportunities.

Ruuvi is one of the first IoT sensor companies supporting these bleeding edge technologies. We're closely cooperating with pioneers of this new industry.

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About Ruuvi

Building a new product or finding a well-made generic one is a difficult task. We want to help our clients by creating and offering attractive open-sourced products they actually need.

Ruuvi isn't just a team of geeks in Finland. Our community already boasts more than 2,000 members and continues to grow every day.

Ruuvi Ecosystem and projects created by community members are also a great resource for business clients.

Check out who we are, where we came from, and where we are heading.