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App Settings: Alert Notifications

In Alert Notifications users can manage the way alert notifications are behaving in Ruuvi Station app.

Limit alert notifications

This feature is only available in Ruuvi Station mobile apps.

This setting will limit receiving local Bluetooth alert notifications in Ruuvi Station mobile app to a single notification per hour. When enabled user will receive second notification for triggered alert after 1 hour has passed if the value is still over the threshold.

Limit alert notifications is enabled by default in App Settings.

Sound notifications

Sound alerts are handled slightly differently in iOS and Android devices.

Alert Sound setting is using the iOS system setting under Settings -> Notifications

You will be able to choose between Ruuvi Alert sound or System Default alert sound in Alert Sound settings. Additionally, iOS uses the Sounds & Haptics system setting for adding vibration to sound alerts.

Sound Settings in Android system is using the Settings -> Notifications ->Ruuvi Station -> App notification setting

For general notification settings, you will be able to choose to allow sound and vibration or deliver quietly in App notifications.
For general sounds and vibration settings you will be able to choose between Sound modes, choose different ringtones and adjust vibration intensity.