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Ruuvi integrations

Integrating Ruuvi Products

Ruuvi's products are open source and can be integrated with other products or services.

RuuviTag open source sensor

On this page, you will find innovative projects where Ruuvi enthusiasts unlock the full potential of Ruuvi products through integrations, tools, and alternative firmware versions, connecting them to various platforms and devices.

At Ruuvi, we embrace an open source mindset, fostering transparency and trust. Our dynamic community of hobbyists, developers, and companies collaborates to enhance and adapt Ruuvi products for diverse applications. Ruuvi products are also cyber security certified, ensuring their reliability and safety.

Ruuvi is Open Source

  • All Ruuvi sensor devices use an open data format, thoroughly documented at Ruuvi Documentation website, providing detailed information when integrating our devices to your own solution.
  • The Ruuvi Gateway router is designed for seamless integration right out of the box. It allows you to relay Bluetooth data directly to your backend or use polling mode within a local area network, offering unparalleled flexibility.
  • All Ruuvi devices come with open source firmware, allowing unparalleled transparency for anyone to review our code or create custom firmware to meet their specific needs.

Developer Resources

  • Ruuvi’s GitHub repositories offer a comprehensive collection of projects and resources for developers. Explore our GitHub repositories at Ruuvi GitHub organisation.
  • Our technical developer documentation is publicly accessible to help you on your project development journey. Read our technical developer documentation at Ruuvi Documentation website.
  • Our user forum is a vibrant community hub where developers and tinkerers can showcase projects, seek advice, and exchange recommendations, fostering collaboration and support. Meet like-minded tinkerers at Ruuvi Forum.
  • Join real-time discussions on Ruuvi’s Telegram channel.

Ruuvi beaver and rabbit

Share Your Project with Us!

Got a project you’d love to share on the Ruuvi Integrations page? Tell us about it on our Ruuvi Forum or drop us a message at, and we may feature your project here!

Integrations of Ruuvi Products

Discover how RuuviTag sensor devices can be integrated with third-party platforms. These integrations allow you to leverage existing services and tools to visualise, analyse, and utilise the data collected by your Ruuvi devices in a variety of applications, from smart home setups to industrial monitoring systems.

Victron Energy - RuuviTag

Victron Energy Cerbo GX monitoring devices as well as GlobalLink 520 now officially support Ruuvi sensors. This enables the reading of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure measurements from Ruuvi sensors.

Victron Energy – Ruuvi Blog | Victron Energy – RuuviTag
Victron Energy – Cerbo GX | Victron Energy – GlobalLink 520

License: GPLv3


CorvusGPS is a GPS tracking and fleet management software designed to help businesses monitor their vehicles and assets in real-time, enhancing efficiency and operational control. Corvus GPS uses Ruuvi sensor devices with their custom solution.

License: Closed source

Teltonika Networks

Teltonika Networks provides robust networking devices and solutions for industrial and IoT applications, focusing on reliability, security, and ease of use to ensure seamless connectivity in various environments. Teltonika Networks uses Ruuvi sensor devices with their custom solution.

Teltonika Networks
License: Closed source

Home Assistant - RuuviTag official integration

Home Assistant is an open source home automation platform that focuses on privacy and local control, enabling users to control and automate smart home devices from a single, customisable interface. RuuviTag devices can be integrated into Home Assistant when Bluetooth adapter is present.

Home Assistant – RuuviTag integration
License: Apache 2.0

Home Assistant - Ruuvi Gateway official integration

Home Assistant is an open source home automation platform that focuses on privacy and local control, enabling users to control and automate smart home devices from a single, customisable interface. Ruuvi Gateway devices can be integrated with Home Assistant on a local area network, allowing RuuviTag sensors to be scanned without needing an additional Bluetooth adapter.

Home Assistant – Ruuvi Gateway integration
License: Apache 2.0

Home Assistant - Ruuvi Friends

Unofficial implementation of RuuviTag sensor for Home Assistant, that leverages Python 3 native Bluetooth sockets to collect RuuviTag sensor data.

Ruuvi Friends – Ruuvi
License: MIT

ESPHome - RuuviTag integration

ESPHome is an open-source platform that simplifies the process of creating custom firmware for ESP8266 and ESP32 microcontrollers, enabling seamless integration with home automation systems like Home Assistant. RuuviTag sensors can be integrated with ESPHome by using the ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker Hub.

ESPHome – RuuviTag integration

License: MIT

Homey - RuuviTag integration

Homey is a versatile home automation system that connects various smart devices into a single, user-friendly platform, allowing for seamless control and automation through a mobile app or voice commands. RuuviTag integration add support for RuuviTag Bluetooth Sensor in Homey and Homey Pro.

Homey – RuuviTag integration
License: GPLv3

openHAB - RuuviTag extension

openHAB is an open-source home automation platform that integrates various smart home devices into a unified system. It supports numerous technologies and protocols, allowing users to control and automate their home devices seamlessly. openHAB uses add-ons called bindings to integrate physical hardware, external systems and web services in openHAB. RuuviTag binding adds support for RuuviTag Bluetooth sensor in openHAB.

openHAB – RuuviTag binding
License: EPL

openHAB - Ruuvi Gateway MQTT extension

openHAB is an open-source home automation platform that integrates various smart home devices into a unified system. It supports numerous technologies and protocols, allowing users to control and automate their home devices seamlessly. openHAB uses add-ons called bindings to integrate physical hardware, external systems and web services in openHAB. Ruuvi Gateway binding enables the use of RuuviTag sensors by collecting MQTT data through Ruuvi Gateway router.

openHAB – Ruuvi Gateway MQTT binding
License: EPL

IoTool - RuuviTag extension

IoTool is a versatile IoT platform that enables the collection, processing, and visualization of sensor data, simplifying the development and deployment of IoT solutions. RuuviTag extension allows collecting data from RuuviTag sensor devices to IoTool.

IoTool – RuuviTag extension

License: Closed source

Garmin Connect IQ - RuuviTag widget

Garmin Connect IQ is an open platform that allows developers to create custom apps, watch faces, data fields, and widgets for Garmin devices, enhancing the functionality and user experience of Garmin wearables and fitness devices. Garmin Connect IQ watch widget enables displaying RuuviTag sensor data on Garming Connect IQ watch.

Garmin Connect IQ – RuuviTag widget
License: Apache 2.0

Apple HomeKit (via Homebridge)

Apple HomeKit is a smart home platform that allows users to easily control and automate their home devices using their Apple devices, providing a secure and seamless integration with Siri and the Home app.

Homebridge is an open source software platform that enables the integration of non-HomeKit compatible smart home devices with Apple HomeKit, allowing users to control them through the Home app and Siri.

With RuuviTag Homebridge plugin you can use RuuviTags with Apple HomeKit.

Homebridge -RuuviTag plugin
License: ISC

Sailfish OS - Skruuvi

Sailfish OS is a European alternative to dominating mobile operating systems, and the only mobile OS offering an exclusive licensing model for local implementations.

Skruuvi is a powerful application designed for Sailfish OS that allows you to effortlessly read and plot history data from RuuviTags. With the unofficial Skruuvi app, you can easily access and analyze sensor information from your RuuviTag devices right from your Sailfish OS smartphone.

Sailfish OS – Skruuvi
License: GPLv3

Ricado - RuuviTag integration

Rigado provides scalable, secure IoT solutions and edge connectivity platforms for enterprise applications, enabling efficient deployment and management of IoT devices and networks. RuuviTag sensors can be integrated with Rigado’s Cascade gateways to enable seamless Bluetooth data collection and transmission to cloud services. The integration allows RuuviTags to connect to Rigado’s Edge Connect software, which processes and delivers real-time sensor data via MQTT or HTTPS.

Rigado – RuuviTag integration

License: Closed source

OpenRB - RuuviTag integration

OpenRB is a platform providing KNX and IoT solutions, enabling seamless integration and automation of smart building and home systems. RuuviTag sensors can be integrated with OpenRB’s LogicMachine using BLE dongles.

OpenRB – RuuviTag

License: Closed source

Data Parsers

Data Parsers convert raw data from Ruuvi sensor devices into human-readable values. These parsers save time and effort by decoding any available sensor output into meaningful metrics, making it easier to interpret and act on the information provided by your Ruuvi sensors. More detailed information can be found at Ruuvi Documentation website.

MicroPython - RuuviTag Scanner

Micropython RuuviTag Scanner parser works on low-level microcontrollers and decodes Bluetooth beacon messages from Ruuvi sensors to readable format.

MicroPython – RuuviTag Scanner
License: MIT

Python - RuuviTag Sensor Python Package

RuuviTag Sensor Python package enables communicating with Ruuvi sensor devices and for decoding measurement data from broadcasted Bluetooth data.

Python – RuuviTag Sensor Python Package
License: MIT

Hark - ruuvitag-hark

ruuvitag-hark enables the use of RuuviTag sensors with Hark, a data stream processing tool, facilitating the collection, processing, and analysis of sensor data in real-time. This project is based on the example in the ruuvitag-sensor repo.

Hark – ruuvitag-hark

License: MIT

Rust - RuuviTag listener

A command-line client to listen to Ruuvi sensor measurements over Bluetooth and output as InfluxDB line protocol.

Rust – RuuviTag Listener
License: MIT

Rust - Ruuvi sensor protocol parser implementation

Ruuvi sensor protocol parser implementation for Rust.

Rust -ruuvi-sensor-protocol-rs

License: MIT

Java - RuuviTag Common

Ruuvitag-common is a utility library designed to work with Ruuvi sensors, primarily providing parsers for decoding data from Ruuvi sensor devices.

Java – RuuviTag Common
License: MIT

RuuviR - Ruuvitag analysis in R

The R programming environment is an open-source software framework used for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical representation. RuuviR package provides functions to decode and process data collected from RuuviTag sensors, enabling users to easily integrate and analyse sensor data within the R programming environment.


License: GPLv3

Go - RuuviTag

Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google, designed for simplicity, efficiency, and reliability in system and server-side applications. It features a statically typed syntax, garbage collection, and built-in concurrency, making it ideal for scalable and high-performance software development. RuuviTag package is for decoding RuuviTag sensor data with Go language.

Go – RuuviTag

License: MIT

Theengs Decoder is a technology platform offering innovative IoT solutions and services, specializing in smart city applications and industrial automation. Theengs Decoder is an open-source library on GitHub that provides tools for decoding various IoT sensor data formats, including RuuviTag RAWv1 and RAWv2.

Theengs Decoder

License: GPLv3

Gateways and Listeners

Gateways and Listeners enable devices such as ESP32, Raspberry Pi, or smartphones to receive and interpret data from Ruuvi sensors. These tools and applications facilitate the communication between your Ruuvi sensors and other devices, expanding the range of use cases and the ability to integrate data from Ruuvi devices into various systems and environments.

Java - RuuviCollector

RuuviCollector is a Java application for collecting sensor measurements from Ruuvi sensor devices and storing them to InfluxDB.

Java – RuuviCollector
License: MIT

ESP32 - ESP-IDF RuuviTag advertising data receiver

This application receives and decodes advertisement data transmitted by a Ruuvi sensor device.

ESP32 – ESP-IDF RuuviTag advertising data receiver
License: GPLv3

ESP32 - RuuviTag Collector

This software can be used to collect measurement data from Ruuvi sensor devices.

ESP32 – RuuviTag Collector
License: MIT

Arduino - ArduinoRuuviClient

ArduinoRuuviClient is a proof-of-concept ArduinoBLE based Client to read RuuviTag Advertised Data.


License: MIT

Node.js - node-ruuvitag

Node.js module for reading data from a Ruuvi sensor device using Node.js.

Node.js – node-ruuvitag
License: BSD-3

Node.js - Signal K Node server RuuviTag plugin

signalk-ruuvitag-plugin is a Signal K plugin to provide RuuviTag data.

node.js – signalk-ruuvitag-plugin

License: MIT

Linux - Bluewalker

Bluewalker is a proof-of-concept Bluetooth LE scanner and advertiser which uses HCI user channel raw HCI sockets available on Linux to scan for Bluetooth LE devices or to start advertising with user-specified data. Bluewalker has a specific RuuviTag mode. To enable listening for RuuviTags, start bluewalker with -ruuvi parameter.

Linux – Bluewalker

License: BSD-2

End-to-end Systems

End-to-end systems manage and control all aspects of a service or process from start to finish, offering a complete solution for collecting, storing, and viewing data from your Ruuvi sensors over the internet.

Balena - RuuviTag

Balena is an end-to-end IoT management platform for building, deploying, and managing containerized applications on IoT devices, simplifying the development and maintenance of fleets of connected devices. Using Balena RuuviTag GitHub repository, you can deploy a version of Balena on a Raspberry Pi or balenaFin that is ready to collect data from RuuviTag sensors.

Balena – RuuviTag

License: Apache-2.0

RuuviTag AWS IoT monitoring

Build a Ruuvi sensor monitoring dashboard using AWS IoT using a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

RuuviTag AWS IoT monitoring
License: No license published

Raspberry Pi - RuuviTag logger

Log Ruuvi sensor data to SQLite database and and show charts on the Raspberry Pi web browser.

Raspberry Pi – RuuviTag logger
License: MIT

Unix example - reading Ruuvi devices and feeding them to MQTT, database and dashboards

A demo of reading measurements of Ruuvi sensor devices via Bluetooth and feeding them to MQTT, a database and dashboards.

RuuviTag demo
License: MIT

Ruuvi-collector on Raspberry Pi with InfluxDB + Grafana in AWS

An example for setting up a weather monitoring system using Ruuvi sensors and AWS IoT services, including instructions and code for configuring a Raspberry Pi as an AWS IoT device to collect and transmit sensor data, which can then be visualised and analysed on AWS.

Ruuvi-collector on Raspberry Pi with InfluxDB + Grafana in AWS
License: MIT

Tutorial: Export data from Microsoft Azure IoT Central and visualise insights in Power BI

This tutorial guides you through exporting data and visualising insights for in-store analytics using Microsoft Azure IoT Central, helping to optimise retail operations through advanced data analysis. As part of this solution, the logic app reads telemetry from the event hub, parses RuuviTag data, and then sends it to the Power BI streaming datasets.

Tutorial: Export data from Azure IoT Central and visualize insights in Power BI

Commercial Products Using Ruuvi Technology

Commercial projects using Ruuvi technology leverage RuuviTag sensors for applications such as environmental monitoring, asset tracking, and smart sensing, enhancing operational efficiency through real-time data collection and analysis.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker

Kaltiot Smart Tracker service offers an easy, user-friendly way to measure and monitor almost anything. Kaltiot uses Ruuvi devices with their custom solution.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker
License: Closed source


Soundsensing is a technology company specialising in advanced acoustic monitoring solutions. They offer tools and systems for real-time sound analysis, enabling applications such as environmental noise monitoring, industrial sound detection, and smart city noise management. Soundsensing uses RuuviTag Pro sensors as integral part of their custom solution.


License: Closed source


FresaFlo is an advanced wireless mesh system for measuring and monitoring indoor air quality. RuuviTag is used as part of their expanded mesh hardware. Each sensor unit in a FresaFlo mesh can ‘host’ and read data from one or more RuuviTag sensors and results can be viewed in FresaFlo application.


License: Closed source

Mesh Protocols

On top of the logic that Ruuvi sensor functions over Bluetooth, it’s also possible to run other protocols on it’s software radio system-on-chip (SoC) and make Ruuvi sensors function as part of a device-to-device mesh network. Underneath you will find listed commercial mesh protocols that support Ruuvi sensor devices.

BlueRange Mesh

BlueRange Mesh – formerly known as FruityMesh – is the reference implementation of the BlueRange initiative. It was the first open source implementation of a mesh network that is based on standard Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1/5.x connections. In contrast to mesh networks that use advertising and scanning, this allows for a network run with battery powered devices.

BlueRange Mesh can be used with the nRF52-DK and nRF52840-DK from Nordic Semiconductor, but it will also work with many other boards with nRF52 Series SoCs.

Contact BlueRange for more information.

BlueRange Mesh
License: GPL / Closed source

Lumenradio MiraOS

LumenRadio specializes in wireless connectivity solutions, and Mira OS is their proprietary operating system designed to enable reliable, scalable, and secure wireless mesh networks for various IoT applications.

Evaluate MiraOS wireless device-to-device mesh networking with Ruuvi sensors, Raspberry Pi and access to Grafana dashboard.

Contact Lumenradio for more information.

License: Closed source


Wirepas Connectivity is a proprietary mesh protocol which allows an unlimited number of nodes (RuuviTags) to be connected to the internet through a single sink (gateway).

Contact Wirepas for more information.

License: Closed source

Alternative Firmwares

Alternative firmware versions available for Ruuvi sensor devices.


Espruino is a JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers that allows for easy and efficient programming of hardware using JavaScript. The Espruino firmware for RuuviTag transforms Ruuvi sensor into a versatile, programmable device, enabling custom applications and easy data interaction using JavaScript. Espruino for RuuviTag is no longer officially supported.

Espruino – RuuviTag


Zephyr RTOS

Zephyr is an open-source, scalable, and secure real-time operating system (RTOS) designed for embedded devices and IoT applications. Zephyr firmware is available for RuuviTag sensor devices. Please note that you will need a Ruuvi DevKit to flash this firmware.

Zephyr – RuuviTag
License: Apache 2.0

Official Ruuvi Firmwares

Our Open-Source firmwares are available for anyone to install, modify and implement.

RuuviTag Firmware

Official RuuviTag Firmware versions can be found at our GitHub repository.

RuuviTag Firmware
License: BSD-3

Ruuvi Gateway Firmware

Official Ruuvi Gateway Firmware versions can be found at our GitHub repository.

Ruuvi Gateway Firmware
License: BSD-3

Official Ruuvi Libraries

Our Open-Source libraries are available for anyone to fork and use.

Ruuvi Bluetooth library Android

Default implementation of Ruuvi Bluetooth library for Android.

Ruuvi Bluetooth library Android
License: BSD-3

Ruuvi Bluetooth library iOS

Access Ruuvi BLE devices with dot syntax: device.ruuvi?.tag.

Ruuvi Bluetooth library iOS
License: BSD-3

Official Ruuvi Applications

Our Open-Source Ruuvi Station applications are available in our Ruuvi GitHub repositories.

Ruuvi Station Android

Ruuvi Station is an open-source Android app available on the Google Play. You can observe the weather parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure (and more) right on your Android device. Ruuvi Station is a companion app for open-source IoT BLE devices made by Ruuvi.

Ruuvi Station Android
License: BSD-3

Ruuvi Station iOS

Ruuvi Station is an open-source iOS app available on the AppStore. You can observe environment data read from RuuviTag beacon, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure (and more) right on your iOS device. Ruuvi Station is a companion app for open-source IoT BLE devices made by Ruuvi.

Ruuvi Station iOS
License: BSD-3

Ruuvi Station WebUI

Ruuvi Station WebUI is an Open-Source browser-based app which provides access to environmental data read from RuuviTag beacon devices using a Ruuvi Gateway router.

Please notice that Ruuvi Station WebUI communicates with Ruuvi Cloud backend, which is not based on Open-Source.

Ruuvi Station WebUI
License: BSD-3

Unofficial Applications

Applications that are specifically created to work with Ruuvi products.

Tag Station for iOS

Tag Station is an app designed to monitor Ruuvi sensors on Apple devices, providing real-time data on temperature, humidity, and air pressure. It syncs across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch via iCloud, enabling remote monitoring as long as a networked device is running the app. It does not support history tracking or notifications. Tag Station is not an official Ruuvi product.

Tag Station
License: Closed source