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App Settings: Background Scanning

Ruuvi Station mobile app will collect local Bluetooth sensor data using 2,5-second intervals when the app is running in the foreground.

When background scanning is enabled, your mobile device will periodically search for Ruuvi sensors, even when your device screen is turned off/locked or Ruuvi Station is minimised. When background scanning is enabled and the app is running in the background, new sensor data is recorded in selected intervals. Background scanning is enabled by default first time when Ruuvi Station app is first installed.

Due to Apple’s more restricted data protection regulations, you may have issues with background scanning settings. You may need to update the firmware to enable background scanning. Update Ruuvi Sensors firmware on Sensor Settings page.

Data Logging Interval

When background scanning is enabled, it will use data logging interval settings to collect sensor data.

  • Data logging intervals can be set between All and 60 minutes.

Note! Bluetooth background history logging and Bluetooth alerts work only when background scanning is enabled. If you disable the background scanning, all paired Ruuvi sensors will be automatically unpaired and you will need to pair them again from their settings pages (iOS).

Important notice: depending on the model of your mobile device, recording sensor data in the background can be more reliable when the phone is connected to a charger and when any form of power management settings are disabled for the Ruuvi Station app in the operating system settings (Android).