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App Settings: Measurement Units

Measurement units and their resolution are used for showing recorded sensor measurements, setting alerts and calibration values in Ruuvi Station app.

In Ruuvi Station mobile app, go to App Settings to change measurement units and their resolution.
In Ruuvi Station web app, go to Profile -> Settings to change measurement units and their resolution.

Ruuvi Station supports the following measurement units to be set and displayed in the app and widget (mobile only, requires Ruuvi Gateway router):

  • Celsius degree (°C), Fahrenheit (°F), and Kelvin (K)
  • Relative (%), Absolute (g/m3), or Dew point (°)
  • Pascal (Pa, Android), Hectopascal (hPa), Millimetre of mercury (mmHg), and Inch of mercury (inHg)


All measurement unit settings have a separate setting for resolution. Resolution affects how accurately you will see the sensors’ values in the app. Resolution setting doesn’t affect history export (.csv) or alerts.

Important notice: unit and resolution settings affect Data Forwarding (Android) and widgets.