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App Settings in Ruuvi Station

The App Settings page in Ruuvi Station allows you to set global settings and general features used in the app. Access App Settings from the Main Menu at the top left corner of your screen. In App Settings, you will be able to set the following:

  • Appearance
  • Language (iOS)
  • Background Scanning
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Ruuvi Cloud
  • Chart Settings
  • Data Forwarding (Android)


Ruuvi Station supports dark and light themes both in iOS and Android operating systems. It’s an operating system level appearance setting that governs the look and feel of the whole operating system and any applications that support themes.

To access the operating system setting go to:
iOS: Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Appearance
Android: Settings -> Display

The Appearance setting allows you to choose the App Theme used in Ruuvi Station app:

  • Follow system theme (default)
  • Dark theme
  • Light theme

Language (iOS)

Ruuvi Station is currently fully translated to English, German, French, Swedish and Finnish. If you choose a language that the app hasn’t been translated to yet, the English language will be used. Language selection works slightly differently in Ruuvi Station iOS and Android apps.

iOS: You will choose App language, which can be different from operating system language.

To change this OS setting, go to Settings -> Ruuvi Station -> Preferred language -> Language.

Note: If you cannot see the Language option in settings, make sure that you have at least one preferred language added in system settings: Settings -> General -> Language & Region.

Android: You will choose the operating system language which will be reflected everywhere in the Android operating system.

To change this OS setting, go to Settings -> General Management -> Language.

Background Scanning

Ruuvi Station will collect local Bluetooth sensor data in 2,5-second intervals from when the app is running in the foreground.

When background scanning is enabled, your mobile device will periodically search for Ruuvi sensors, even when your device screen is turned off/locked or Ruuvi Station is minimised. When background scanning is enabled and the app is running in the background, new sensor data is recorded in selected intervals.

Due to Apple’s more restricted data protection regulations, you may have issues with background scanning settings. You may need to update the firmware to enable background scanning. Update Ruuvi Sensors firmware on Sensor Settings page.

Data Logging Interval

When background scanning is enabled, it will use data logging interval settings to collect sensor data.

  • Data logging intervals can be set between All and 60 minutes.

Note! Bluetooth background history logging and Bluetooth alerts work only when background scanning is enabled. If you disable the background scanning, all paired Ruuvi sensors will be automatically unpaired and you will need to pair them again from their settings pages (iOS).

Important notice: depending on the model of your mobile device, recording sensor data in the background can be more reliable when the phone is connected to a charger and when any form of power management settings are disabled for the Ruuvi Station app in the operating system settings (Android).

Measurement Units

Ruuvi Station app supports the following measurement units to be set and displayed in the app and widget (requires Ruuvi Gateway router):

  • Celsius degree (°C), Fahrenheit (°F), and Kelvin (K)
  • Relative (%), Absolute (g/m3), or Dew point (°)
  • Pascal (Pa, Android), Hectopascal (hPa), Millimetre of mercury (mmHg), and Inch of mercury (inHg)


All measurement unit settings have a separate setting for resolution. Resolution affects how accurately you will see the sensors’ values in the app. Resolution setting doesn’t affect history export (.csv) or alerts.

Important notice: unit and resolution settings affect Data Forwarding (Android) and widgets.

Data Forwarding (Android)

Data forwarding is an advanced feature of Ruuvi Station (Android) and it’s mainly intended for power users.

With this feature, you can let the app act as a gateway, forwarding measurements collected in Ruuvi Station to an HTTP endpoint using POST requests.

Ruuvi Station app will act as a gateway, when:

  • Background scanning is enabled, and
  • A valid Data Forwarding URL has been added in Data Forwarding settings

If the above-mentioned conditions are fulfilled, Ruuvi Station app will POST background scanning results to the specified URL.

Data forwarding uses data logging intervals, which can be set in Background Scanning settings as explained above.

Note! Data forwarding is not connected to Ruuvi Cloud and cannot replace features offered by using a Ruuvi Gateway router and Ruuvi Cloud subscription.

Chart Settings

You are able to collect 1 to 10 days sensor history in the Ruuvi Station mobile app. Number of days shown in the chart is selectable on the History view page. Chart settings is a general settings page for displaying data in charts.

Display all data in chart

All available data will be displayed in the history view when this setting is enabled. Notice that this may cause the history view to update slowly on older devices when there is a large amount of data available.

Draw dots in chart (Android)

Every recorded datapoint will be presented as a dot in the history view.