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General information

Ruuvi Sensors have an excellent power consumption profile. When using the sensors with the included CR2477 battery, the sensors can run typically between 12-30 months under standard use and operating conditions.

How long will the battery last exactly?

RuuviTag comes with a CR2477 battery that theoretically lasts about 3 years.

However, in practice, battery lifetime will be somewhat shorter so to be safe, we tend to say it has a 12-24 months battery.

Battery life depends on temperature. In cold temperatures, the lifetime will be shorter due to battery and in really warm temperatures electronics consume a bit more power than at room temperatures. This can shorten the projected battery life.

In connected mode to iOS device will also shorten battery lifetime as well as history syncing from a RuuviTag.

Replacing battery

CR2477 sized battery can easily be replaced by the user. Pop the empty battery out from the battery holder and replace it with a new compatible 3V coin cell type battery.

Depending on the sensor model, the case is opened in a slightly different manner.

See the video tutorial for changing the Ruuvi Sensor’s battery here.

Important notice: If operating conditions exceed -20°C to +65°C temperature range, a battery designed to be used within an extended temperature range must be used.