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Bluetooth filtering in Ruuvi Gateway

Ruuvi Gateway router comes with a built-in feature to filter Bluetooth devices by placing them on a whitelist or a blacklist. This feature is particularly useful in environments where a multitude of Ruuvi sensors or other third-party sensor devices are present near the Ruuvi Gateway, but only data from certain specified devices is intended to be forwarded to Ruuvi Cloud or a HTTP(S)/MQTT(S) target.

Configure listening settings, filtering and other related options on the Bluetooth Scanning page in Ruuvi Gateway Setup Wizard.

Listening settings

By default The Ruuvi Gateway scans for all nearby Ruuvi sensor broadcasts. In this listening mode you will see only Ruuvi device data being relayed.

You will need choose to listen to All (including third party beacons) under Advanced settings when using the Ruuvi Gateway router to relay Bluetooth LE broadcasts from non-Ruuvi devices. If your particular device uses a specific channel configuration or physical properties, these settings can also be set underneath.

How does whitelisting and blacklisting Bluetooth devices work in Ruuvi Gateway?

The filtering lists, both blacklist and whitelist, utilize the device MAC addresses for inclusion. The list operates under the chosen filtering mode, meaning that any selected device will be incorporated into the filtering list.

To view the devices in proximity to your Ruuvi Gateway router, you can easily update the device list by clicking the Refresh list button on the Bluetooth Scanning page. 

The list is arranged based on device signal strength, with the closest device (strongest signal) appearing at the top of the list.

To add a particular device to the filtering list, simply check the box beside the device’s MAC address. 

Bluetooth filtering configured to use whitelist mode and our sensor beacon device listed and selected.

Additionally, at the end of the list, there is an option to manually enter a known MAC address, allowing you to include a specific device in the list even if it doesn’t appear among the detected Bluetooth devices. This feature is particularly helpful if you are aware of the devices that need to be added to the filtering list but are setting up the Ruuvi Gateway away from its intended place of use.