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Eclipse Kura Gateway: Java/OSGi based framework for IoT gateways

“Deploying and configuring one device to act as a node in the Internet of Things is relatively easy. Doing the same for hundreds or thousands of devices is not so easy though. This is where the new Eclipse project Kura comes in.

Eclipse Kura offers a platform that can live at the boundary between the private device network and the local network, public Internet or cellular network providing a manageable and intelligent gateway for that boundary capable of running applications that can harvest locally gathered information and deliver it reliably to the cloud.” -Eclipse Newsletter

A Gateway Framework Build For IoT

Eclipse Kura runs beautifully on Raspberry Pi development board. To make Raspberry Pi listen RuuviTags, follow instructions found on our forum and other tutorials.

A webinar about Kura:

We’re aiming to create step-to-step instructions how to set up a system running Kura + RuuviTags. To contribute, join discussion on our forum or Slack team. Or leave a comment below.

Download Eclipse Kura here.

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