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Espruino JavaScript Interpreter: Program RuuviTag in JavaScript

Do you want to create something with your RuuviTags but think learning low-level C programming sounds too tricky?

Don’t worry. It’s possible to tinker with the Tag using JavaScript. Espruino is a perfect tool for prototyping and is easy to use.

How to get started?

  1. Flash Espruino image by following these instructions.
  2. Open Espruino Web IDE.
  3. Follow Web IDE’s tutorial and flash your very first script.

Video tutorial

On this video, we used a laptop running macOS. Steps with Windows and Linux are a little different. Learn more.

RuuviTag is officially supported by Espruino.

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Espruino is an open-source project. If you run Espruino on RuuviTag and love it, please consider donating.

They’ve got also cool hardware products to sell. For example, Puck.js, which is similar to RuuviTag but with different sensors and properties.

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