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Ruuvitag Granted Cyber Security Label by Traficom Cyber Security Center

Ruuvi has been committed to protecting the security and privacy of it’s users from the very beginning. It’s getting an ever more common for IoT-devices to cease functioning or even endanger their users due to them not following the best security practices. Security-conscious users are often asking us how do we take care of the security of Ruuvi’s users.

Using Open Source code and having an active community are important for the security of our products: it’s said that given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. However, just having an opportunity to examine and modify the code in Ruuvi’s products does not mean that security is magically in good order.

National Cyber Security Centre of Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has concluded that RuuviTag fills the requirements of Cybersecurity Label and has granted the Cybersecurity Label to RuuviTag in October 2020. We are deeply grateful for the work they have done for the entire Ruuvi community.

“It was a pleasure to work with Cyber Security Centre and examine carefully the risks which users of devices like RuuviTags might face. We have further developed our processes regarding monitoring, fixing and informing our users about security issues while applying for the Cybersecurity Label. Perhaps the greatest benefit of applying for certification was in advancement of the internal security processes inside the company.”

Otso Jousimaa, CIO, Ruuvi Innovations.

Senior specialist Saana Seppänen from National Cyber Security Centre of Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is satisfied as RuuviTag joins the list of devices with Cybersecurity Label:

“It is wonderful that forerunners in the international markets, such as Ruuvi, understand the significance of information security. We are pleased to grant the security badge for the work which pays attention to information security and brings Finnish competence in the area into the spotlight.”

Saana Seppänen, Cyber Security Centre

More information about Traficom Cybersecurity Label and products it has been granted to can be found at address

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