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Inside View: Building RuuviTags

Since the RuuviTag project was launched in 2015, we’ve also created customised products for clients who have requested something similar. On some of those projects, we have used Promistel Industries’ services and have been extremely happy with the cooperation with them.

Recently, we also decided to start building RuuviTags together and now it was about time to finally take a flight to France and go to see their campus.

The RuuviTag factory
RuuviTags are manufactured in France. I went to visit the factory to see the complete manufacturing process. Kimo is the CEO of the factory.

Promistel Industries is an electronics company founded in 1983 and is located close to Paris.

Their state-of-the-art production facility has everything that is needed to build embedded electronic products like RuuviTag:

Inside the factory
The factory specialised in SMD assembly (SMA).
Worker in the factory
After solder paste is applied on the board, the operator makes a quick visual inspection. The board also has to pass a 3D solder paste inspection before pick & place and reflow.
Assembly machine inside the factory
Promistel’s fastest assembly machine can place up to 20 components on a circuit board – in one second!
Assembly line that makes the RuuviTag
This is where the magic happens.
Freshly assembled RuuviTags
Freshly assembled RuuviTags on their way to the reflow oven. After the reflow, another 3D inspection has to be passed. After that, the units will be flashed (programmed) and their functionality (radio, buttons, sensors, LEDs) will be tested.

I need to say that during my 2-week visit to France, I was impressed about how clean and professional the factory was and how effectively they operated. I also noticed the staff had a high work ethic and their style of handling things was always professional and precise.

In the past ~8 years, I’ve dealt with numerous circuit board and electronics assembly factories around the world. Sometimes everything goes as planned but usually not. In this business, mistakes are expensive and can cause severe problems to customers. Especially, if deliveries get delayed without notice.

With Promistel, we can rely on their ability to deliver quality products in time.

Would you like to have one?

Ruuvi is an easy way to measure environment at your home, hobbies or business. Order now and get hooked with measuring!

RuuviTag Sensor (4in1)

RuuviTag Sensor (4in1)


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