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Gateway Configuration

Here you will find a complete Ruuvi Gateway configuration guide for advanced users.

Connect Ruuvi Gateway to internet

Ethernet – Advanced options

If you wish to configure your Ruuvi Gateway to use a static IP address please uncheck Use DHCP after selecting the Ethernet connection option. The following fields are requested for this configuration:

Static IP

Wi-Fi – Advanced Options

A hidden Wi-Fi network can be used for connecting your Ruuvi Gateway to internet. This setting is shown in the Wi-Fi Network configuration page under Advanced.

Select Connect Manually to see the following required fields:


Firmware update

It is always recommended to keep your Ruuvi Gateway up-to-date.

Your firmware version and update availability will be checked on Firmware update page during the configuration process. If an update is available you will be offered to install it from the default location (recommended).

You can alternatively choose your own update location manually by checking Specify a URL from where updates should be requested under advanced.

Choose your preferred method and select Update to begin the firmware update process. Alternatively you will be able to skip this step by choosing Next.

Firmware update process takes a few minutes and you will see the progress status on screen. It’s important to make sure your Ruuvi Gateway stays powered during this time.

Automatic updates

Your Ruuvi Gateway has an ability to check and install new firmware updates automatically using a scheduler. We recommend choosing Auto update that accepts new versions to be installed 2 weeks after release date.

Advanced users can also choose a special beta-tester mode, which accepts new firmware versions to be automatically installed as soon as they become available.

Choosing Manual updates only disables automatic firmware updates for your gateway.

Automatic update scheduler allows you to determine when you wish for automatic updates to be fetched and installed. You will be able to schedule updates to be checked by:


Advanced Server

Ruuvi Gateway connects to Ruuvi cloud by default. However, you will be able to configure to use a HTTP or MQTT server to route your nearby sensors’ data to a custom location instead.

Choose Custom server under Advanced to see configuration options as follows.

HTTP Server

Server address
Username (optional)
Password (optional)

MQTT Server

Client name
Topic prefix

Reconfiguring your Ruuvi Gateway

In some cases you might want to reconfigure your Ruuvi Gateway and run the configurator again. There are two options:


You are always able to restart the configuration process again by shortly pressing the small button under the power socket on your Ruuvi Gateway device. After pressing the button configuration hotspot with name RuuviGatewayXXXX will appear again. Connecting to this network within 60 seconds will reopen configurator.

Reset to factory settings

Press the small button under the power socket for 5 seconds to reset your Ruuvi Gateway to factory settings. Notice! This will also reset all configuration details you might have entered previously. After releasing the button configuration hotspot with name RuuviGatewayXXXX will appear again. Connecting to this network within 60 seconds will open configurator.