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Another neat feature in Ruuvi Station is ‘Graphs’, which allows you to explore the recorded sensor values in graphical form. To access this feature, tap on the graphs icon on Sensor Card.

Graphs in Ruuvi Station

The ‘Graphs’ page shows individual XY-axis grids for each of the measurements. In this case, for a RuuviTag 4-in-1, there is a graph for temperature, one for air humidity, and one for air pressure.

The Y-axis shows the recorded range for each, while the X-axis shows the time of recording according to the local time zone settings on your mobile device.

Recording Data When App Is Closed

When you visit the ‘Graphs’ page for the first time you will be shown a popup, which will suggest that you enable background scanning. This is highly recommended since background scanning enables Ruuvi Station to record sensor values when the app is minimized or your mobile device screen is turned off or locked. Background scanning works as long as the Bluetooth connection is maintained.

If you are out of the Bluetooth range, you can also import the latest data from the sensor’s internal storage, which can record 10 days of data at a time. Press the “SYNC” button to do so and to move the latest 10 days to your phone.

On iOS devices, due to background usage restrictions, iPhone and iPad devices are not capable of scanning nearby Bluetooth broadcast messages when the app is not in the foreground. With our latest firmware version 3.31, data is logged in Ruuvi sensors and Ruuvi Station can read the data over Bluetooth connection. Read more info about the firmware and on how to upgrade.

Scan Interval

Ruuvi Station scans sensor values according to set intervals. ‘Graphs’ is able to show the measurement history for a maximum of 10 days at a time.

Ruuvi Station records sensor values in three different ways:

  • Sensor values are updated once per second, when Ruuvi Station is in the foreground, or
  • Sensor values are recorded according to scanning interval settings, when Ruuvi Station is in the background, or
  • Sensor values are imported by synchronisation over all the chart period at the same time

To change background scanning intervals, please go to App Settings > Background Scanning Settings. You can also enable or disable background scanning here.

Important notice: depending the model of your mobile device, background scanning mode can be more reliable when the phone is connected to a charger.

Exploring recorded values

Explore each individual grid by using pinch-to-zoom gestures and/or scroll and move through the grid from left to right or up and down by simply positioning your finger on the place where you want to start scrolling from. You can also use double tap to zoom to any XY-axis location on the grid.