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History view: How to make CSV Excel Export and data interval

RuuviTag sensor data can be exported to a .csv file in both Ruuvi Station mobile application and web app. This allows users to edit and store long time history data in data format that is compatible with Excel.

Export button on Android and iOS (2.0 version onwards) on History view screen
Export options, includin CSV are found in full sensor card view in Ruuvi Station web app.

RuuviTag sensor records measurements once per 2.5 seconds. This measured data is then advertised to nearby devices via Bluetooth. One measurement per 5 minutes is stored to RuuviTag sensor’s internal memory.
Ruuvi Gateway sends this data to Ruuvi Cloud once per minute, and the data is downsampled to once per 15 minutes after 24 hours.

There are 4 possible data sources:

  • RuuviTag broadcasts 2.5 with seconds interval
  • RuuviTag stores history data 5 with minutes interval
  • Ruuvi Cloud recent data (24 h) 1 minutes interval – Ruuvi Cloud old data 15 minutes interval

When a .csv export is done on the mobile application, all the data available to your device is included in export. This can cause different intervals in exported data.

In Ruuvi Station web app, choose starting date and ending date first in the date selector. Selected date range will be then included in the exported .csv file.

Please notice that up to 10 days history data is available in the mobile app. In Ruuvi Station web app, you are able to store up to 2 years (Pro plan) and 3 years (Business Starter) history data (requires Ruuvi Gateway router and Ruuvi Cloud subscription).