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About Ruuvi

Ruuvi Innovations is a Finnish startup company with a passion for beautiful and pioneering open-source electronics.

Ruuvi's journey began back in 2009 and soon the first projects under Ruuvi brand were launched. In 2016, Ruuvi's product RuuviTag got successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. After that milestone, Ruuvi's team has tiredlessly worked towards the goal: to be one of the top open-source hardware influencers in the IoT market by the end of the decade.

RuuviTag is an advanced open-source sensor beacon platform designed to fulfill the needs of business customers, developers, makers, students, and can even be used in your home and as part of your personal endeavours. The device is set up to work as soon as you take it out of its box and is ready to be deployed to where you need it. Whether you need a beehive monitor in your backyard, or an industrial mesh network asset tracking system, RuuviTag gets you covered.

Recently, Ruuvi's open-source fundamentals have gained interest not only from startup companies but also from large enterprises. This has helped RuuviTag to become one of the most known low-power sensor products in the Bluetooth IoT sensor market.

Read more about what RuuviTag can bring for businesses and also for consumers. More info about Ruuvi can be found here.