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Operating Conditions & Limitations


Ruuvi Sensors can be used within -20°C to +65°C range with the standard battery. 

By upgrading the battery to a wide range battery you can use the sensors from -40°C to +85°C.

We recommend using Ruuvi sensors with the included waterproof enclosure to prevent humidity, water, or any other conductive element from getting in contact with the sensitive electronic components.

Are Ruuvi Sensors waterproof?

RuuviTag & RuuviTag Pro 3-in-1

These Ruuvi Sensors resist water (IP67) but do not leave the breathing sticker on top of the lid to direct contact with water for long periods of time. Note also that if you do, air humidity and air pressure sensors won’t work well because water blocks the airflow.

RuuviTag Pro 2-in-1

This Ruuvi Sensor is IP69K certified meaning it has been tested in 50 meters depth over an extended period of time. Please keep in mind that the Bluetooth signal is weakened in water.

Note also that radio waves barely travel underwater so the Bluetooth range will be really bad.

Do not

Do not place the Ruuvi sensors in an environment where the operating temperature limits mentioned above might be exceeded. This can damage the battery and electronics.

Do not let children, infants, or pets play with Ruuvi sensors. Seek immediate medical attention if you suspect that any person or animal has ingested a coin cell battery.

Do not place a Ruuvi in direct contact with water without its cover.

Do not apply vibration or shocks to the device.