Perfect sleep: ideas that will help you to sleep better

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Good sleep is important for us. As the science continues unravel the mysteries of sleep, we are slowly waking up to the undeniable: we are not getting enough of it. Demanding careers, non-stop lifestyles and irregular daily routines have affected the quality and quantity of sleep. While the battle for our sleep-time continues, our personal quest for better rest becomes more and more important.

Deep sleep plays a vital role in our physical and mental recovery. Modern technology and conscious preparation can help pave the way for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

Make your surroundings support your sleep

Sleeping environment is essential for a good night sleep. When we think about bedrooms, we don’t necessarily think about anything else than a room with a comfy bed. But temperature, lighting and quietness should not be overlooked.

Maximise your sleeping potential with technology

Luckily we are surrounded with modern technology, that can help us fine tune our individual sleeping experience. Sleep tracking apps can help us make informed adjustments to our surroundings and help us better understand our individual needs.

RuuviTag to monitor temperature
RuuviTag is an environmental sensor, that can help you to adjust your bedroom temperature.

Hot, cold and draughty rooms can seriously impact sleep, and using temperature sensors, such as the RuuviTag, can help in keeping the bedroom temperature under control. RuuviTag comes with a free app, Ruuvi Station, that is able to record environmental sensor data from any closeby RuuviTag for complete 24-hours at a time. Provided temperature, relative humidity and air pressure measurements can then be used to adjust the temperature and air flow in the room accordingly.

Loud noises or otherwise noisy environment can also disrupt our sleep. But some people have also found that apps designed to play back natural sounds, controlled noise or soothing music can help them relax and fall asleep faster.

Unwind before bedtime

We tend to fill our bedrooms with gadgets and habits, that don’t really help us preparing for bedtime. Bedrooms should be considered as calm and relaxing places, where our mind and body can wind down and prepare for sleep.

Clearing your head from work and worries, and limiting screen-time in bed, will both have positive effect on your sleep.

The importance of good quality sleep

Quality and quantity of sleep has declined steadily during the past few decades. In fact, many people experience poor sleep, or lack of sleep regularly, and it can take a serious toll on productivity, emotional balance, and health. Good quality sleep helps us to perform better, helps our body to regenerate and to stay healthy; a good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Carefully planned bedtime routine, daily exercise, relaxation and healthy food are essential in a quest for better and more effective sleep. An average adult requires 7–9 hours of sleep, but this is largely threatened by our modern, busy lifestyles. A good sleep environment will further enhance the quality of sleep and helps to reach an undisrupted and rejuvenating sleeping experience.

Person suffering from lack of sleep
Lack of sleep can take a serious toll on productivity, emotional balance, and health.

Five stages of sleep

Scientists have studied the mental and physical importance of sleep for the past 60 years: the modern era of sleep research started in the 1950’s with the discovery of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. As technology advanced, scientists expanded their research to brain waves, heart and the various effects that sleep, or lack of it, has on our minds and bodies.

During sleep, the body experiences five different stages of both REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. These stages progress cyclically, with each stage varying in their length and depth of sleep. An average adult completes 5–6 cycles each night. A complete cycle can take anywhere between 90–110 minutes.

Stages of deep sleep are an essential part of a restful sleep. During deep sleep your blood pressure drops, which helps your body to reach a more relaxed state. Elevated heart rate helps muscles receive larger quantities of oxygenated blood and your body will generate new tissue on cellular level. Deep sleep plays an important role in learning and memory function, helping you to consolidate newly experienced memories and to create long-term memories.


Preparing for bedtime should be part of your daily routine: limiting the use of gadgets in bedroom will help in winding down both mentally and physically.

Environmental sensors, such as RuuviTag, can provide essential information when adjusting your bedroom temperature and air flow to support your sleep, while sleep tracking apps can tell you if your sleeping habits or environment require further fine tuning.

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