RuuviTag Development Kit

RuuviTag Development Kit


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The Development Kit is designed for hardcore developers who would like to take their RuuviTag sensors to the limit by flashing and debugging the devices via SWD (Serial-Wire-Debug) bus or use RuuviTag’s extra IO connections on bottom of the circuit board.

The package includes:

  • 1 x  Nordic Semiconductor nRF52-DK evaluation kit
  • 1 x  Development shield designed for RuuviTag

Advantages of the kit

  • Use third-party protocol stacks or operating systems (ie. Wirepas Connectivity or other 3rd party)
  • Debug your firmware via SWD (the nRF52-DK has an integrated Segger J-Link programmer)
  • Easy access to all the IO pins found on bottom of the RuuviTag
  • The original RuuviTag software can be restored (factory reset)
  • Safely test different protocol stacks in development (Bluetooth 5 for example, an upcoming feature)
  • No hassle with a battery while developing because the shield powers the RuuviTag

Do I need one?

The DevKit isn’t needed if you’re happy to flash your RuuviTags over-the-air.

For most of the people, DFU OTA (Device Firmware Update Over-the-Air) is enough if no protocol stack or bootloader has to be replaced or no serious debugging is needed.

Note also that if you’re developing your own firmware, power consumption measurements are recommended so that possible current leaks can be obtained. A great tool for this is Nordic Semiconductor’s Power Profiler Kit which is compatible with the nRF52-DK evaluation board.

To read more about the DevKit, refer to RuuviLab’s tutorial.


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