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Ruuvi Temperature Sensor for Restaurants

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Ruuvi Food Safety
Wireless Temperature Sensor for Restaurants
Wireless temperature monitoring for cold rooms and freezers, including history logging and alerts.

Wireless Temperature Sensor for Restaurants

Wireless temperature monitoring for cold rooms and freezers, including history logging and alerts.


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Technical Specifications
Product package
Sensor will be delivered in 1-pack or 3-pack packages depending on the quantity. Two sensors = 2 x 1-pack and three sensors = 1 x 3-pack. If you wish to have a specific packaging, please leave a note on the checkout page.
Recommended operating temperature
-20 ºC to +70 ºC (with a special temperature range battery longer battery lifetime can be achieved)
Maximum operating temperature
-40 ºC to +85 ºC (electronics and enclosure)
1000 mAh CR2477 Li/MnO2 battery (included)
52,00 mm
12,55 mm
30 g
Temperature units (on Ruuvi Station)
Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
Humidity units (on Ruuvi Station)
Relative air humidity, absolute humidity, dew point
Pressure units (on Ruuvi Station)
Pa, hPa, mmHg, inHg
Temperature sensor accuracy
Typical absolute accuracy ±0,2 °C @ 5...60 °C, output resolution 0,01 °C
Humidity sensor accuracy
Typical absolute accuracy ±2 %, 20...80 %, 25 °C
Pressure sensor accuracy
Typical absolute accuracy ±1 hPa
Main chip
Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
Ambient sensor
Sensirion SHTC3, temperature and air humidity
Pressure sensor
Infineon DPS310
STMicroelectronics LIS2DH12
Radio protocols
Bluetooth (default), Wirepas Mesh, Lumenradio Mesh, Bluerange Mesh, ANT, Other 2.4 GHz proprietary protocols
Embedded NFC™-A tag antenna
Enclosure material
IP67, not suitable for continuous immersion. When immersed, Goretex membrane is recommended to be sealed with waterproof tape. Standard enclosure is not suitable for high humidity installations with condensation risks.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Restaurants

Ruuvi offers remote temperature monitoring solutions for all types of businesses. Our solution is particularly well-suited for restaurants, and other businesses that require cold monitoring.

Ruuvi products are made in Europe and have been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide. Our quality has earned the trust of the largest companies in the industry:

Smart sensor recipe for modern kitchen

What's the

You'll focus on the menu and we will do the rest.

Data always at hand
Measurements on your phone through our user-friendly app with a quick 3-minute setup.
History Saved
No more manual checking. Up to 10 days of history in app and up to 2 years with the Ruuvi Gateway and the Ruuvi Cloud.
Get customised push alerts on your phone and email alerts with the Ruuvi Gateway and the Ruuvi Cloud.
CSV Export
Keep the authorities satisfied. Export data to a CSV file when needed. (Weekly overview report under development.)

Two ways to cook it:

You can start small with a few Ruuvi Bluetooth sensors and a mobile phone, or you can dive right into online monitoring with Ruuvi Gateway and Ruuvi Cloud.

Easy Start With Sensors

Monitor Your Restaurant With Bluetooth Sensors

If you’d like, you can start with just one or two sensors. All you need is a smartphone and our free mobile app to go with the sensors. There are no ongoing monthly costs using the app.

In this scenario, you can get started within minutes. You’ll receive real-time readings from sensors within Bluetooth range on your phone, complete with helpful historical graphs and alerts.

In case your phone occasionally goes out of range, you can still access a full history of the sensor’s data for the previous 10 days within the app. Moreover, if needed, you can export measurement results as a CSV file directly from the app.

The RuuviTag has a user-replaceable battery that lasts up to two years. The device requires very little maintenance.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to set up:

RuuviTag Quick Start Cover

It’s that simple. Start measuring by ordering your first sensor:

More Features With the Cloud

Monitor Your Restaurant Online

If you want access to all the features, consider choosing a Ruuvi Gateway router to complement your sensors. The router efficiently routes data from the sensors to the Ruuvi Cloud.

Ruuvi Web Dashboard shown on different devices

Ruuvi Gateway has received acclaim for its user-friendly design. Simply connect the Ruuvi Gateway to your Internet router with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly to a WiFi-hotspot, and your measurement results will be instantly transmitted to the cloud. You can conveniently monitor the sensors using the Ruuvi mobile app or browser interface.

Key Advantages of the Gateway:

  • Remote monitoring and cloud-based alerts
  • Multi-year history storage
  • Email alerts
  • Sensor sharing
  • Handy widgets for your mobile phone
  • Browser application, making it easier to review historical data, among other features.
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    Note! Every Ruuvi Gateway product is shipped with a...
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    Ruuvi Gateway Router


Ruuvi Cloud

When you purchase a Ruuvi Gateway, you will also enjoy complimentary access to the Ruuvi Cloud Pro service for six months (typically €4.90/month).

While the Pro version offers extensive capabilities, you have the flexibility to switch to our Business service, specifically designed for business needs, at any time. After six months, if you prefer to avoid ongoing costs, you can also opt for the Free Plan, which offers remote monitoring but excludes some premium features. Read more about our Cloud plans and pricing

Buy Sensors

You can try our measuring system with minimal commitment by placing an order through this site. Should you have inquiries or require larger order quantities, please feel free to reach out to us at


“Extremely satisfied!”

K-Market Use Case Cover

Ruuvi Implements Temperature Monitoring at K-Market Otso

"No more manual checks"

Ruuvi has been the solution we have been looking for for a long time. Affordable even for a small business.

Susanna S.
“Extremely satisfied!”

We have comprehensive temperature monitoring with Ruuvi, meeting regulatory requirements. Ruuvi’s products are remarkably user-friendly, and we are extremely satisfied!

Harri Nykopp, K-retailer
“The authorities have been satisfied”

A simple CSV report has been sufficient for the authorities to prove the storage temperature of food, if necessary.

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