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Ruuvi and Scanreach Are Improving Maritime Environmental Monitoring

Norwegian company ScanReach specialises in tracking maritime vessel safety. And now, they have integrated Ruuvi to be part of their product to ensure proper conditions for all types of cargo inside a ship.

ScanReach’s mesh network paired with Ruuvi Bluetooth sensors’ accurate environmental data, allows ships to receive a low-cost solution for monitoring different types of cargo, for example livestock or food on a cargo ship. By using automated Bluetooth sensors to keep track of environmental conditions, vessels can save human resource times and eliminate mistakes due to human error. In addition, with this solution, vessels can receive insights about the condition of critical equipment and hence prevent operational down-time with on-time maintenance.

ScanReach mesh network and RuuviTag Pro nex to each other.
Ruuvi sensors and ScanReach mesh networking are working together to develop a more sustainable maritime performance.

ScanReach started with ensuring crew safety inside vessels

ScanReach has developed a mesh network that functions inside the whole vessel. This task is not as simple as it may sound, as most vessels are made out of metallic parts. Wireless communication does not work well with metal as it blocks most signals.

With a mesh network, ScanReach was able to keep track of every crew member and thus help find everyone in case of an emergency. By having information about everyone on board, safety measures can be implemented more efficiently. And most importantly, no one would be left alone.

Adding Ruuvi Bluetooth sensors to the mesh network

ScanReach participated in a trial executed by LiveCorp and which was financed by a grant from the Australian government. The trial was about ensuring proper conditions for livestock inside a maritime vessel. Together, ScanReach and Ruuvi provide an easy-to-use system.

Prior to our solution, someone usually had to walk regularly in the spaces where livestock was kept. With this automated system, the data would be available at all times for the crew to review. Also, historical data is stored which can be downloaded after the voyage. With accurate data, the conditions for livestock’s wellbeing can be maintained at optimal levels at all times.

Black Ruuvitag Pro in hand in front of a snowy landscape.
RuuviTag Pro is a rugged and accurate Bluetooth sensor.

Why the combined solution of Ruuvi and ScanReach works so well in cargo ships?

As mentioned earlier, the amount of metal, especially steel, makes wireless transmissions difficult inside a vessel. Also, it is difficult for electrical wiring to conduct on every measuring device, which means that the measuring devices need to work with batteries. Thirdly, with livestock, the spaces are washed thoroughly for biosecurity. Therefore any measuring device inside the space should withstand splashes of water.

The ScanReach mesh network is made to work wirelessly in the entire vessel. Paired with Ruuvi’s rugged environmental Bluetooth sensors measuring air temperature and humidity, monitoring livestock’s conditions is easy and reliable. Ruuvi sensors work with batteries and a single battery lasts approximately two to three years. In addition, the sensors are IP67-certified, which means that they are able to withstand the thorough biosecurity washdowns.

Food quality assurance with environmental monitoring

By adding environmental measuring to the ScanReach mesh network, ships can ensure proper food storage during transit. Therefore vessels can ensure that the food they eat during long voyages will stay in good condition preventing food poisoning from occurring. 

Also, with wireless environmental monitoring, a lot of paperwork can be avoided. Cold room monitoring is still done with someone regularly checking the temperature inside a cold room and writing it up on a piece of paper. By having an environmental sensor logging data at all times, people responsible for food storing can have access to the data without having to check the temperature over and over again.

This ability to read historical data after a voyage is also beneficial to ascertain, for example, that the cold chain for food in the cargo has been proper during the whole time. By paying close attention to the food chain, we are able to reduce food waste and hence become more sustainable.

Ruuvi and ScanReach are looking forward to expand their collaboration

Ruuvi wants to help companies build new, unseen solutions to traditional industries

Henri Hakunti COO and Co-founder of Ruuvi Innovations

The two companies share the vision of helping other companies to measure important environmental factors easily. The systems of both companies work well together and we are looking forward to tackling other challenges as a team.

Being in front of meeting the innovative needs in the maritime market is a challenging investment. Therefore, it is important that we connect with partners and suppliers that are willing to develop together with us. Ruuvi fits well with our mindset and deliveries, and we look forward to the closer collaboration

Mads Westergreen, VP of Business Development for Scandinavian Reach Technologies AS (NOR)

Here you can find ScanReach’s Press release about this new integration!

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