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Ruuvi Implements Temperature Monitoring at K-Market Otso

In Riihimäki, K-Market Otso relies on Ruuvi‘s monitoring instruments for cold storage management. Store owner Harri Nykopp has installed RuuviTag Pro sensors in each refrigerator and freezer, with a Ruuvi Gateway router transmitting data to Ruuvi’s cloud service, keeping Nykopp informed around the clock.

How did the retailer end up choosing Ruuvi?

When K-Market Otso’s old temperature monitoring system approached the end of its life, K-retailer Nykopp embarked on a quest to find a superior alternative.

The new system had to be:

  • User-friendly and easy to install
  • Precise enough to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • As low-maintenance as possible
  • Data accessible via a smartphone

Ruuvi’s solution checked all of Nykopp’s boxes while remaining reasonably priced. The fact that Ruuvi is a Finnish company, with products assembled in Finland, was also a significant factor for the retailer.

Nykopp reached out to Ruuvi to explore potential cooperation. He was won over by Ruuvi’s professional and amicable customer service, and thus began their partnership.

A smooth implementation of the system

Practically speaking, installing Ruuvi’s sensors is straightforward: remove the plastic film from under the RuuviTag’s cover, activating the battery contact. The RuuviTag begins transmitting measurement data via Bluetooth, immediately accessible through the free Ruuvi app.

Mounting the sensors in the desired location is also uncomplicated. The RuuviTag Pro devices selected by the dealer feature wing clips, allowing them to be affixed with zip ties or screws. This means that it takes very little time to install sensors in all cold storage areas.

These sensors are battery-powered, lasting 12 to 24 months in a cold storage environment. The batteries are easily replaceable, and the app notifies you when it’s time for a change.

To remotely monitor the sensors and transfer measurement results to the cloud, a Ruuvi Gateway router is required to accompany the sensors. The Gateway listens to Bluetooth transmissions from the sensors and shares this data with Ruuvi’s cloud service.

Setting up the Gateway is simple – just connect it to a power cord and an Ethernet cable. It can also be configured to operate over Wi-Fi.

Ruuvi’s devices are user-friendly and alert you when necessary

RuuviTags constantly monitor the temperature at K-Market Otso. The store has 25 RuuviTags installed, each assigned to a refrigerated compartment. If one of the refrigeration units malfunctions and the temperature deviates too much, the shopkeeper receives an immediate alert on his phone. The alert specifies which unit has an issue, allowing for timely action.

Measurement data is stored in Ruuvi’s cloud service for two years and can be exported when needed, such as for regulatory reporting. Historical data can also be used to optimize cold storage temperatures, potentially yielding significant long-term cost savings.

Ruuvi’s customer service offers ongoing support

K-retailer Nykopp has been pleased with Ruuvi’s personal customer service. Any questions or concerns are addressed promptly, ensuring a smooth measurement process. Ruuvi’s commitment to supporting customers beyond the purchase decision has been valuable to Nykopp.

Comments from companies on the cooperation

We have comprehensive temperature monitoring with Ruuvi, meeting regulatory requirements. Ruuvi’s products are remarkably user-friendly, and we are extremely satisfied!

Harri Nykopp, K-retailer

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