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Storing Your Instrument
With RuuviTag, you can remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels, ensuring optimal conditions for your musical instrument.

Storing Your Instrument

With RuuviTag, you can remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels, ensuring optimal conditions for your musical instrument.


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Technical Specifications
Product package
Sensor will be delivered in 1-pack or 3-pack packages depending on the quantity. Two sensors = 2 x 1-pack and three sensors = 1 x 3-pack. If you wish to have a specific packaging, please leave a note on the checkout page.
Recommended operating temperature
-20 ºC to +70 ºC (with a special temperature range battery longer battery lifetime can be achieved)
Maximum operating temperature
-40 ºC to +85 ºC (electronics and enclosure)
1000 mAh CR2477 Li/MnO2 battery (included)
52,00 mm
12,55 mm
30 g
Temperature units (on Ruuvi Station)
Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
Humidity units (on Ruuvi Station)
Relative air humidity, absolute humidity, dew point
Pressure units (on Ruuvi Station)
Pa, hPa, mmHg, inHg
Temperature sensor accuracy
Typical absolute accuracy ±0,2 °C @ 5...60 °C, output resolution 0,01 °C
Humidity sensor accuracy
Typical absolute accuracy ±2 %, 20...80 %, 25 °C
Pressure sensor accuracy
Typical absolute accuracy ±1 hPa
Main chip
Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
Ambient sensor
Sensirion SHTC3, temperature and air humidity
Pressure sensor
Infineon DPS310
STMicroelectronics LIS2DH12
Radio protocols
Bluetooth (default), Wirepas Mesh, Lumenradio Mesh, Bluerange Mesh, ANT, Other 2.4 GHz proprietary protocols
Embedded NFC™-A tag antenna
Enclosure material
IP67, not suitable for continuous immersion. When immersed, Goretex membrane is recommended to be sealed with waterproof tape. Standard enclosure is not suitable for high humidity installations with condensation risks.
Acoustic guitar played by a girl in colorful lights

Ensure that your instrument stays in tune

Ideal for monitoring musical instruments

Small temperature sensor

Instrument Storage Monitoring Made Easy

RuuviTag is a wireless Bluetooth sensor node that measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure and movement. Offering a convenient way of monitoring and ensuring optimal environments for musical instruments, be it a guitar or violin. Ideally you want to maintain of temperature between 16-21°C (60-70°F) and a humidity level of 35-50% for your instrument to stay in tune and avoid damage.

Easy to use

1 minute quick start

Multiple sensors

Multiple sensors in one device

Multi-year battery lifetime

FREE mobile application

Most Common Questions
Why you need to monitor humidity and temperature

Acoustic instruments, especially the more expensive ones, are most affected by humidity and temperature because they’re made from ultra-thin sheets of wood and held together primarily by glue.

For example, the wood in a guitar can swell tremendously, causing glue joints to fail, finish to lift, and neck angles to go bad. Distortions in the wood can remain even after other damage has been repaired, leaving the guitar cosmetically disfigured.

What is the ideal temperature for musical instruments?

To best protect your instrument, look for steady and moderate temperatures. Musical instruments of all types do well in temperatures of about 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the ideal humidity for musical instruments?

Most experts and instrument manufacturers agree that an ideal relative humidity range of 40-50 % is best for storing instruments. Anything less could cause wood to shrink, lowering the top and strings, which causes even more stress and eventually cracking.

What are the operating conditions of the Ruuvi sensors?

Temperature: Electronics of the Ruuvi sensors can support temperatures between -40°C (-40°F) and +85°C (+185°F). However, the market standard CR2477 batteries’ operation range is usually between -20°C (-4°F)  and +70°C (+158°F). Do not exceed these temperatures without shopping our custom made wide-range battery, which is designed to operate with the same limits as the electronics of the sensors.

Dust & Water: All the sensors are resistant to dust and moisture. Some of the sensors are IP67 certified (water-resistant) and some are IP68 or IP69K certified (waterproof). See the specific certifications for each sensor on the product page. Please keep in mind that water lowers drastically the range of the sensors.

How to monitor the Ruuvi sensors remotely?

The Ruuvi sensors can be monitored with just a mobile device and the Ruuvi Station app within the Bluetooth range. If you want to monitor conditions from further, you’ll need our Ruuvi Gateway product.

The Gateway is connected to the internet and listens to sensors with a higher sensitivity than a regular mobile device. The test results talk by themselves: up to 2000 meters between the Gateway and the sensors, compared to 200 meters between a mobile device and the sensors (test realized in optimal conditions without any obstacle).

Then, the Gateway shares the data to our cloud service. The sensor measurements are then retrievable, either from the mobile app or our web interface from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Do I need to charge my Ruuvi sensors?

No, the power of the Ruuvi sensors is supplied by CR2477 coin batteries, included in the box. One battery lasts usually between 2 to 3 years in continuous use. The battery is easily replaceable by the user making our products very sustainable and lowering their maintenance costs to a few euros every two years.

Is my mobile device compatible with Ruuvi products?

The Ruuvi Station app can be downloaded both from the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS). It is also available for tablets.

A women holding on a well kept acoustic guitar


Set parameters and receive notifications during abnormal conditions, or when humidity or temperature reaches unhealthy levels.

Humidity alert for instruments
Violin humidity with RuuviTag sensor


Remotely monitor the temperature and humidity conditions of your instrument by placing the RuuviTag inside the storage space.

Music room humidity measurements with smart sensor
RuuviTag sensor and guitars


Check historical conditions from the past 10 days.

Historical data
"Great for monitoring instruments"

Super easy to install! I use the RuuviTag to monitor the humidity and temperature of my guitar.

Mike, 47
“Instant notifications”

I received an alarm from Ruuvi Station on my phone saying "humidity too low". I use it to monitor my violin and had left the case open.

Lisa, 31
“Really useful”

Great product and easy to use. I can see the temperature and humidity directly from my phone.

Colin, 51

Have fun!

Ruuvi sensors work with the free mobile app. Set your own background images and adjust alerts to your liking.

Music room humidity alerts on mobile app

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