RuuviTag Datasheet 4/2018

The RuuviTag
An Advanced Open-Source Sensor Platform.

RuuviTag is an advanced open-source sensor platform that can measure temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and acceleration.

RuuviTag comes with several appealing features:

1.CE / FCC / RoHS / IP67 / Bluetooth certifications
Approved by Google — the world’s first open-source beacon with full support for Eddystone.
3. Easy to use — works out of the box and software updates are made easy.
4. Measures temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and acceleration.
5. Wirepas Connectivity mesh — networks with an unlimited number of nodes.
6. Long range RF antenna.
7. Espruino JavaScript interpreter — easy prototyping.
Several year theoretical battery lifetime.
9. An integrated NFC (Near-Field-Communication) antenna.
10. 100% open-source both hardware and software.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications
Dimensional Drawings
Dimensional Drawings

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RuuviTag is a Bluetooth sensor that sends temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and motion information directly to your mobile phone. Read more