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Ruuvi Sensor Models


RuuviTag is an advanced open-source sensor beacon platform designed to fulfill the measurement needs of consumers, business customers.

There are currently two RuuviTag versions: RuuviTag and RuuviTag Pro. The Pro model is targeted to business customers and serious home use.

RuuviTags have various built-in sensors, which collect data from its surroundings (depending on model):

  • Temperature
  • Relative air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Acceleration (motion)

IP68 and IP69K certified RuuviTag Pro model offers full protection against water with its fully sealed enclosure. It has been laboratory tested to work in water depth of up to 50 meters for 24 hours and to tolerate high pressurized spraying with 80 °C water. The IP67 certified RuuviTag Pro and regular RuuviTag come with a breathable membrane that enables air humidity monitoring. It tolerates temporary wet conditions.

Find out all the specifications on the sensor’s own product pages.