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Sensor Settings: Sensor ownership

Sensor ownership field is used for showing sensor ownership, claiming sensor ownership or un-claiming it.

On mobile, this field is shown only when user is signed into Ruuvi account.
On web, this field is always shown, but ownership cannot be un-claimed or edited.

Email address of the owner of the sensor is displayed here, when the owner has been defined. Only the owner can decide who else can see the sensor’s data via the Ruuvi cloud service. When no owner has been defined, the field can be used to claim sensor ownership.

Read more about claiming or un-claiming your sensor ownership here.

Note! Always claim your sensor ownership. Signing in to your Ruuvi account and claiming ownership ensures that your sensor is assigned to the correct owner in Ruuvi Cloud and it cannot be used by other Ruuvi Cloud users. Sensor ownership can only be claimed in the Ruuvi Station mobile app.