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Share Sensors in Ruuvi Station (Web)

On Ruuvi Station Web, users can efficiently manage all sensor sharing related tasks via a dedicated Share Sensors page. This is an advanced version of the simple share feature in Ruuvi Station mobile apps and only available on Ruuvi Station web app.

On this page, you can effortlessly share multiple sensors at once, oversee sensors shared with others and those shared with you, all conveniently on a single page for seamless management. Tap on Share Sensors in menu to open Share Sensors page.

Please be aware that sharing your own sensors requires a Ruuvi Gateway router and sensor ownership to be associated with the account you used to sign in to Ruuvi Station. Receiving a shared sensor to your Ruuvi account only requires you to have an email address. A free Ruuvi account will be created during sign in if you don’t already have one.

Share sensors owned by you

At the top of the Share Sensors page you can easily share your sensors with one or more recipients simultaneously. Simply select the sensor you wish to share and add their email addresses.

The user has selected a sensor to share and added an email address. Additional email addresses can be included by clicking the Add button before finalizing the share.

You can share sensors that have ownership associated with the specific account you used to log in to Ruuvi Station.

If the receiving email address is not yet associated with a Ruuvi account, a new free account will be created and the shared sensor will be added to the account when the user signs in to Ruuvi Station for the first time.

Sensors Shared by Me

Each sensor you share will inherit the features available in your current subscription level. For instance, if you’re a Ruuvi Cloud Pro subscriber, the recipient of the shared sensor will enjoy the same features associated with that sensor.

Any sensor can be shared to a maximum of 10 users. 

If the recipient’s email address is linked to an existing Ruuvi account, the share will appear under Active Shares.

* If the recipient’s email address isn’t associated with a Ruuvi account yet, the share will be listed under Pending Shares. Shares labeled as Pending will not count towards the maximum share limit for a particular sensor (* upcoming feature).

Any active share or pending share can be removed by choosing “X”.

Sensors Shared to Me

When a sensor is shared to you by another Ruuvi user, it will show in the Ruuvi Station app as a regular Cloud sensor. On the Share Sensors page, you can view all sensors shared with this Ruuvi account. Details include the sensor name, the owner’s name, and the owner’s subscription level, which determines the features available for each shared sensor.

Any sensor shared to you can be removed from your account by choosing “X”. It’s important to note that removing a shared sensor will revoke access to that specific sensor on the currently signed-in account.