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Simplified IoT Connectivity with the Ruuvi Gateway Router

Whether you are considering setting up a remote monitoring solution for your residence, small office or a large warehouse within your company, the Ruuvi Gateway router caters simplified IoT connectivity with a robust set of features. 

The Ruuvi Gateway router not only enables you to build a complete remote monitoring system utilizing Ruuvi sensors and Ruuvi Cloud but also has the capability to seamlessly integrate into your existing IoT framework, offering unmatched versatility. In other words, you can relay third-party sensor data to a HTTP(S) or MQTT(S) server with Ruuvi Gateway.

This article aims to highlight Ruuvi Gateway, showcasing its immense potential as the focal point of your IoT setup or as a valuable addition to your current configuration.

We will go through the most important features which are set-up, customizability and security. But first, let us get to the same page by defining:

What is Ruuvi Gateway?

The primary function of the Ruuvi Gateway is to transmit nearby Ruuvi sensor advertisements from your location to a cloud service or a server, enabling further processing of the received sensor data. It is a gateway device that transmits sensor data to the internet to be further analyzed and used.

But maybe the biggest misconception of the Ruuvi Gateway is that it only works with RuuviTags, the IT sensor manufactured by Ruuvi. While this is the case from the box, it is not the whole truth.

The  Ruuvi Gateway offers great versatility with the capability to listen to any Bluetooth LE compatible broadcasts. Therefore, it’s simple to expand your setup to incorporate both Ruuvi and non-Ruuvi beacon devices. Paired with the built-in capability to send data to customized HTTP(S) or MQTT(S) servers, this opens up a realm of possibilities.

Two Ruuvi Gateways on a table
Ruuvi Gateway can be used both via ethernet and via Wifi.

IoT connectivity with easy setup and superior antenna

Fresh out of the box, the Ruuvi Gateway is a compact router unit designed for seamless integration into your existing network in less than a minute! Just plug in the Ethernet cable, connect to power, and you’re all set. Ruuvi Gateway also supports wireless 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, allowing installation in locations where a fixed LAN connection is otherwise unattainable. If your network router is WPS-enabled, incorporating Ruuvi Gateway into your setup wirelessly is a breeze.

The Ruuvi Gateway utilizes a specially crafted cloverleaf antenna, enhancing the Bluetooth signal range beyond that of typical Bluetooth routers. Thanks to this superior antenna design, a fleet of Ruuvi Gateway router devices can effortlessly provide coverage to your entire location.

Without obstruction, we have been able to receive RuuviTag Bluetooth broadcasts with Ruuvi Gateway from up to 2000 meters. Thus, the antenna is proven to be effective at receiving Bluetooth advertisements.

Monitoring made easy with Ruuvi Station

Your Ruuvi Gateway is ready to communicate with Ruuvi Cloud immediately after connecting to the internet. Included in the box is a 6-month subscription code for Ruuvi Cloud Pro, granting you instant access to remote alerts, push notifications, extended measurement history and numerous other advanced features directly from your mobile or web browser using our user-friendly Ruuvi Station app.

Ruuvi Station is your center for all things your Ruuvi can measure: read your up-to-date sensor data no matter where you are or dive into the historical sensor data to see how the environmental conditions have changed over time. All with precision and in high-resolution.

Our Ruuvi Gateway users can also share their sensors with others via the Ruuvi Station app, broadening the ability to share sensor data with colleagues or family members who do not yet have their own Ruuvi Gateway router.

Ruuvi temperature sensors and Ruuvi Gateway routing data to Ruuvi Cloud
From sensors to Gateway to cloud. Every step is secure and reliable.

Customizability beyond the surface

The true strength of Ruuvi Gateway lies in its customization options. Press the keyhole button beneath the power socket on the Ruuvi Gateway briefly to activate and connect to the Ruuvi Gateway Wi-Fi hotspot, initiating the Ruuvi Gateway setup wizard upon connection.

Within the setup wizard, you can customize a variety of settings. For example, you can:

  • Set up connection preferences
  • Define remote management
  • Configure cloud integration settings
  • Customize Bluetooth listening configurations

Using the setup wizard you can personalize Ruuvi Gateway to suit your requirements and seamlessly integrate it into your IoT ecosystem, making it truly your own.

Advanced settings in Ruuvi Gateway
HTTP(S) and MQTT(S) targets are integrated into Ruuvi Gateway.

IoT connections must be secure to use

As IoT environments and systems have advanced and expanded their presence in industrial settings, the importance of IoT security has grown significantly. Weak authentication and authorization, lack of encryption, vulnerabilities in firmware and software, insecure communications, and challenges in patching and updating devices are all factors contributing to IoT security concerns.

RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway, integral components of the Ruuvi product lineup, have undergone scrutiny by Finland’s Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, and have been granted a Cybersecurity Label. You can read more about the label from here

This designation assures consumers that these labeled devices and applications adhere to fundamental information security protocols. Traficom bestows this label upon applications and interconnected smart devices that satisfy established certification benchmarks. 

Security plays a crucial role in Ruuvi’s development approach, exemplified by the regular firmware updates for the Ruuvi Gateway. Starting from firmware version 1.15.0, Ruuvi Gateway now supports TLS v1.3, the up-to-date version of SSL, used in HTTPS and various network protocols to enhance encryption capabilities.

Customizable, secure and easy-to-use IoT connectivity with Ruuvi

To recap, if you are looking for a simplified IoT connectivity, look no further than Ruuvi Gateway. It functions perfectly both with Ruuvi’s measuring devices and other IoT sensors. The key is in customizability. We do not want to limit the use of our products to our own ecosystem. Instead, we recommend people to use our proven and secure Gateway to help out in development processes and to let you focus on your core competencies.

If you have any questions regarding Ruuvi Gateway or our products in general, do not hesitate to contact us. Let us work together forwards to a more simple yet secure world of data.

Solve your routing problems with Ruuvi Gateway

Solve your routing problems with Ruuvi Gateway


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