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Soundsensing Is Using RuuviTags to Recognize Machine Failures Before They Happen

Norwegian company Soundsensing is using RuuviTag Pros as part of their solution to recognize machine failures before they realize and cause costly problems. By using RuuviTag Pro’s precise accelerometer and their industry leading machine learning algorithms, Soundsensing is able to provide valuable data to the hotel and office sector.

Soundsensing is a Norwegian company that specializes in sound and vibration-based automatic predictive anomaly detection in commercial buildings. It highlights how detecting changes in sound and vibration can provide opportunities for preventive measures, planned maintenance, lower costs, and a better experience for tenants and property users. However, it is challenging to rely solely on human technicians to detect these changes manually. Therefore, Soundsensing has developed a digital solution that provides an always-present technician’s ear, which can detect errors and technical failures before they occur.

logo of Soundsensing

How Soundsensing works?

Soundsensing works in three steps: first, sound and vibration sensors are installed on technical components. Second, the data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms, which detect unwanted changes and deviations that indicate future errors and failures. Third, the operations service is notified in the event of a detected upcoming technical failure, allowing proactive measures to be taken.

By listening to the machines and analyzing their vibration patterns, Soundsensing can detect signs of upcoming problems and help property companies take proactive, planned, and cost-effective measures.

Illustration of the way Soundsensing functions. 1. Install sensors, 2. their AI listens for errors nad 3. you will get notified berof errors occur.
The basic idea behind Soundsensing. Photo by soundsensing.

The company is using RuuviTag Pro  to monitor vibration of motors and machines. By detecting abnormalities in the pattern a machine works, they can figure out if the machine will need maintenance soon.

Two installations of RuuviTag Pro in two different machines.
You can notice the RuuviTag Pro being attached to the motors to monitor their vibration.

The benefits of proactive maintenance 

The benefits of predictive anomaly detection can be grouped into three points.

First, improved tenant satisfaction is achieved by reducing the number of errors and technical faults that tenants must report.

Second, implementing predictive anomaly detection in the technical infrastructure directly reduces costs by detecting early warning signs of upcoming errors, reducing response time to errors, and avoiding express orders and rushed service at inflated prices.

Third, by implementing predictive anomaly detection, overall risk factors are reduced, providing increased control and reducing uncertainty in technical management.

a graph of data produced by both RuuviTag Pro and sound sensors. Here we can see a point in which a manager received an alarm of a disfunctioning machine.

Soundsensing has some of Norway’s largest real estate companies as customers: Thon Eiendom, Eiendomsspar, Statsbygg , Malling & Co etc. We are happy to be part of this great 

solution and to help maintain machines and thus reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Overall, Soundsensing provides a valuable solution that allows property companies to take proactive steps to maintain their technical infrastructure. This can help reduce costs, increase control, and improve tenant satisfaction.

Our thoughts about the collaboration

“We are excited to embark on this collaboration with Soundsensing, combining our expertise in IoT sensor technology with their innovative predictive maintenance solution. Our shared commitment to delivering accurate, reliable, and user-friendly solutions will create new opportunities for businesses to avoid unnecessary risk and cost by detecting breakdowns before they appear,”

Henri Hakunti, COO and Co-founder of Ruuvi Innovations

Ruuvi is an impressive sensor technology company that consistently outperforms its at times much larger competitors in terms of quality, ease of use, innovation and customer service.

As a disruptive company, our biggest advantage is flexibility and speed, and this must also extend out into all our partners—Ruuvi has proven to be an agile, proactive and highly expert ally, and we are priviliged and thankful for the opportunity to work together.

Ole Johan A. Bjerke, CEO and co-founder of Soundsensing

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