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Summa Harnesses the Power of Hormonal Optimization With the Help of Ruuvi

Summa Labs is utilizing hormone data to monitor, analyze and predict the status, factors, and development of individual performance and health.

Summa has developed a comprehensive solution for saliva sample collection at home, the subsequent analysis of hormone levels and the delivery of data & insights to customers. They have integrated and streamlined the process, ensuring simplicity, exceptional quality, and reliability at every step.

Summa’s product consists of saliva samples that help athletes to boost their performance.

Ruuvi provides open-source sensors for everyone

Ruuvi offers innovative open-source sensors that are designed to provide accurate and reliable data sensing for a variety of applications. These sensors leverage cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly design to deliver exceptional performance and versatility.

Ruuvi’s sensors are equipped with precise components that enable accurate measurements of various environmental parameters. The sensors can detect and monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and motion. This comprehensive data collection allows users to gain valuable insights into their surroundings and make informed decisions based on real-time information.

RuuviTag can be found in the saliva sample package.

Why are Ruuvi’s sensors especially convenient for most applications?

One of the key features of Ruuvi’s sensors is their open-source nature. This means that the sensors’ hardware and software are openly available, allowing users to customize and modify them according to their specific needs. The open-source approach fosters innovation and collaboration, empowering developers, researchers, and hobbyists to explore new applications and push the boundaries of what the sensors can achieve.

Ruuvi’s sensors are built to be energy-efficient, ensuring extended battery life and uninterrupted operation. This is particularly important for applications that require long-term monitoring or deployment in remote locations. The sensors are designed to be durable and rugged, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They send their measurement data frequently via Bluetooth making monitoring wireless and thus effortless.

Why did Summa end up choosing RuuviTag to be part of their product?

It is important to note that hormone values in collected saliva samples can change after collection, due to several factors such as salivary enzymes that continue to metabolize hormones, bacterial activity in saliva, and chemical degradation of hormones over time.

As precise hormone values are essential for Summa, the storage of hormone samples in a cold environment is thereby required both during the collection and in transit. Summa’s home kit solution integrates cold gel and sealing elements to enable this.

Saliva samples need to be in the correct temperature for the data to be correct.

Temperature monitoring is an essential aspect of quality control in sample storage, transit and processing. By monitoring temperatures Summa can minimize the potential for errors and ensure consistent and reliable results.

To solve their temperature monitoring needs, they turned to Ruuvi’s RuuviTag sensor – it measures temperature and has a history log of 10 days, which is enough to cover the duration of any shipment. It also has a solid build and the right dimensions for shipments where extra size & weight cost money. Last, they like its no gimmicks approach and easy operability.

We are proud that Summa has decided to integrate Ruuvi sensor as a part of their saliva hormone monitor kit product to provide reliable and accurate cold chain monitoring. By using Ruuvi sensors for their environmental monitoring needs, our customers can better concentrate on their main business without needing to spend time and resources on developing and configuring their own measurement solutions.

Lauri Jämsä, CEO and Founder, Ruuvi Innovations Oy

We extensively searched for a temperature tracking solution that could perform in terms of accuracy, independence, documentation capability and cost-effectiveness. Ruuvi is meeting our requirements.

Juuso Nissilä, Co-Founder, Chief Science Office, Summa Labs Inc.

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