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Tempascan Empowers Restaurants with Open-Source Temperature Monitoring

TempaScan offers an innovative temperature monitoring solution, designed specifically for the restaurant industry. This system, powered by Ruuvi’s open-source sensors and the gateway, offers real-time, automated temperature monitoring of cooling units, ensuring food safety and compliance with health regulations. Tempascan’s collaboration with Ruuvi highlights a shared commitment to leveraging open-source technology for reliable, efficient operations in the restaurant sector.

About Tempascan

Tempascan, a Claysoft UG brand based in Berlin, Germany, specializes in advanced temperature monitoring solutions for the restaurant and food service industry. By integrating open-source technology from Ruuvi, Tempascan provides businesses with reliable, automated systems to ensure food safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.

“I was looking for sensors that I could easily connect to my system. And the fact that you make this possible with Ruuvi’s open source philosophy was the main reason for me to choose Ruuvi products.” mentions Christoph Niebuhr, the CEO of Claysoft.

Innovative Features for Comprehensive Monitoring

Tempascan’s system is a game-changer for restaurants, cafes, and food service providers, offering features such as real-time temperature measurements, automatic alerts for temperature deviations, and detailed temperature history for all cooling units. This comprehensive approach not only saves working time but also significantly reduces the risk of product loss and enhances food safety practices.

Tempascan offers eased temperature monitoring for restaurants.

The Power of Open-Source Technology

Central to Tempascan’s effectiveness is the integration of Ruuvi’s open-source hardware. Known for its accuracy, durability, and flexibility, Ruuvi’s technology enables Tempascan to provide a scalable and adaptable solution that meets the unique needs of each business.

“The integration into my system architecture worked very well. I’m also considering whether I can adapt the gateway firmware for further business cases. Perhaps I can also integrate other Bluetooth devices. I will definitely give that a try.” says Christoph Niebuhr.

Ruuvi offers quality products for companies to integrate with. As Ruuvi’s devices are open-source, it means that companies like TempaSoft can integrate these measuring devices into their own offering. By doing this, companies can save time and resources from not developing their own sensors. Thus, they can focus on their core product and count on Ruuvi to handle the measuring.

Key Benefits for Businesses

With Tempascan, businesses can expect significant time and cost savings, reduced risk of food spoilage, and simplified compliance with health regulations. The system’s automatic documentation feature further streamlines operations, allowing staff to focus on delivering exceptional service rather than manual record-keeping.

With Ruuvi, you can integrate rugged and scalable sensor solutions with a quick timetable. TempaScan is a great example of an innovative company, which has integrated Ruuvi’s devices into their system.

“The gateway works great and is significantly more powerful than all the alternatives I have tested (RaspberryPi etc.). The sensors also work great. The long-life firmware in particular ensures that the battery life is significantly longer. This makes the sensors very low-maintenance.” says Christoph Niebuhr about the benefits of Ruuvi’s products.

Comments Regarding the Collaboration 

“The cooperation with Ruuvi is great. The sensors and gateways were very easy to integrate into our system architecture and work very robustly and reliably in our main sectors of restaurants and system catering. The long-life firmware of the sensors ensures that the battery life is significantly longer. This makes the system very low-maintenance. Definitely a benefit for all kitchens that want to focus on its core business.”

Christoph Niebuhr, CEO of Claysoft

“We are very pleased that Claysoft has chosen us as their sensor partner and has developed a completely new solution for a large industry with huge potential. This is a true win-win example of two companies building new solutions to help the foodservice industry increase their food safety and efficiency. We look forward to seeing Claysoft expand their business from Germany to many other countries!”

Henri Hakunti, COO of Ruuvi Innovations

Are You in Need For Reliable Temperature Sensors?

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