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Lifecycle Promises

RuuviTag Enclosure

RuuviTag will be sold in an enclosure with outer dimensions matching at least until the end of 2025. Internal dimensions of the enclosure can be modified.

RuuviTag Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit boards may have component changes and changes in test point placement and component placement. The base functionality of measuring air temperature, humidity, pressure and acceleration as well as broadcasting data via Bluetooth will be maintained at least until the end of 2025. Individual sensors may be replaced with other models, battery lifetime, default broadcast intervals and pricing may be adjusted as reasonably necessary.

RuuviTag Firmware

All firmware versions shipped on RuuviTags as sold in Ruuvi Store will be available at Ruuvi’s GitHub or other git repository available for free of charge. Ruuvi Firmwares starting from version 1.x can be updated to later versions without special tools, but downgrading from a major version such as 3.x to 2.x is not supported. New firmware versions will support all older RuuviTags starting from model B3 at least until year 2025 on best-effort basis. If some new features such as BLE direction finding or Long Range advertisements cannot be supported on older hardware, older hardware will provide only features it was originally sold with. All future firmware versions will at least have an option of sending data in Ruuvi RAWv2 / data format 5, but details such as total advertisement length, flags, placement of sensor data in advertisement and contents of scan response are subject to change. Alternative firmwares such as Eddystone and Espruino are offered on reasonable effort basis and no guarantees about their support are given.

Ruuvi Station - Old Phones

We will do our best to support up to 5 years old phones, however if there are limitations due to Operating System, phone hardware etc not being able to support new features of Ruuvi Devices we might limit the features supported on old phone models. As an example, if RuuviTags use Bluetooth 5.0 features which cannot be supported on your phone we’ll support Bluetooth 4.0 features as well as possible but we cannot support Bluetooth 5.0 features on your phone.

Ruuvi Station - New Phones

We’ll support new iOS and Android OS versions and will update the Ruuvi Station app to work on those as well as possible at least until the end of year 2025. We’ll keep Ruuvi Station on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, if your phone cannot install applications from those you can download application binaries or source code but Ruuvi cannot offer further support on your platform. This might impact e.g. Huawei phones which do not have access to the Play Store.

External APIs

Some features of Ruuvi Station require external APIs, such as the Open WeatherMap API. If Open WeatherMap changes their offering, we’ll make reasonable efforts to support the current features or find an equivalent replacement, but we cannot guarantee a lifecycle for external services.


The lifecycle promise represents Ruuvi’s current management intentions, but in case of company ownership change, company ceasing operations or a force majeure event Ruuvi may choose to discontinue products partially or completely before the original lifecycle plan.