The Ultimate Guide for Temperature Control in a Greenhouse

This article is for people interested in plant growth and willing to significantly improve their harvests. Discover why opting for a greenhouse might be your best investment and how to take all the benefits from it by monitoring temperature with a smart Bluetooth sensor.

What is a greenhouse and what are its uses?

A greenhouse is an old invention used to improve plants growth performances and to extend harvest season.

When was the first ever greenhouse built?

Charles Lucien Bonaparte is known as the creator of the first greenhouse. It was in the 1800’s, even if the idea of growing plants in controlled environments has existed since Roman times. Later, during the industrial revolution in the 1900’s, glass prices dropped consequently, making greenhouses more accessible.

The first greenhouse in the world.

What is the greenhouse principle?

Greenhouses are always made of transparent materials such as glass or plastic. The sunlight can easily pass through, because transparent surfaces are good at conducting light. When the sunlight meets an opaque surface, the ground or a plant, it is transformed into heat. Because the glass and plastic are bad at conducting heat, it remains inside, keeping the temperature higher than outside.

Greenhouses are often mistaken for the greenhouse effect. The reason for this is that it is the same phenomenon that is responsible for global warming. The atmosphere is acting as the glass, and greenhouse gases as the opaque surface that convert light into heat. Sunlight gets easily through the ozone layer, hits the carbon dioxide molecules that tend to make more heat than other gases, and heats up the surrounding atmosphere.

The greenhouse effect.

Is greenhouse monitoring for me?

If you’re interested even just a little in gardening you should consider acquiring a greenhouse and monitoring it.

Do I need a greenhouse?

First things first, nowadays it is more and more common to have a greenhouse somewhere in your garden or even on the balcony. There are plenty of choices in terms of size and prices making them really accessible. 

In the Covid 19 area, people spend more time at home, and discover new hobbies. Growing plants has been in a strong position and opting for a greenhouse is a good solution. It makes the growing faster, the harvesting season longer and the growing environment easier to control.

What are the benefits of monitoring my greenhouse?

There are few parameters to consider when growing plants: light, temperature and humidity are good examples. Monitoring the environment may help to increase the harvest by upto 50%. Thanks to new technologies such as Bluetooth sensor nodes it is more convenient and affordable than ever to monitor the greenhouse. It will also save your time, knowing exactly when to water your plants, when to ventilate the greenhouse or when to heat it up to protect them.

Greenhouse improves harvests.

How do I keep my plants from freezing?

Protecting plants from freezing is essential, one cold spring night with temperature getting below zero degree celsius might be enough for ruining all the season’s harvest.

Monitoring temperature in the wine industry

Plants have different degrees of resistance to cold. Some of them need heat whereas others prefer colder environments. However, there is no plant that would enjoy negative temperatures. In the wine industry for example, grapes are monitored to protect them during the cold spring nights. Winegrowers have systems to heat up the plants and sensors to tell them when to put them on. If the plants freeze at spring time, it will affect very consequently that year’s wine production.

Protecting plants from frost damage

Same thing can happen at home, jeopardizing your beloved plants. Monitoring the greenhouse is the best way to prevent this from happening. Modern sensor applications are even equipped with built-in alarms that inform you on your phone when the temperature is no longer suitable in the greenhouse.

Optimizing and facilitating plants growth

Identifying temperature areas in the greenhouse

As said above, not all the plants need the same amount of heat/sunlight to grow. Also the temperature inside of a greenhouse may vary from one place to another. It is therefore important to know what are the “hot places” and the colder ones to set your plants accordingly. It might be also interesting to measure sunlight exposition hours per day.

Tech tools to boost your garden

The easiest way to know where the different zones are is to set several thermometers or sensors inside the greenhouse and monitoring them during the day. Differences might be quite small, so it is preferable to use a sensor instead of a thermometer for higher precision.

The RuuviTag smart Bluetooth sensor as the best solution for greenhouse temperature control

Thermometer for controlling temperature in the greenhouse

One way to monitor temperature is obviously to have conventional thermometers. However, they are not really convenient to monitor because you need to go next to them everytime. 

Why to use a smart Bluetooth sensor instead of a regular thermometer?

Another way is to go for the RuuviTag, a smart Bluetooth sensor node that is water resistant (IP67), making it perfect for outdoors. It can measure temperature within a wide range from -40°C to +85°C. It will gather data directly to your phone, drawing graphs in the free mobile app. The RuuviTag is also very affordable, even when buying many of them for different areas of the greenhouse. The app supports an unlimited amount of sensors and the same sensor can be monitored simultaneously by several devices.

RuuviTag Bluetooth sensor in the greenhouse.


Monitoring temperature in the greenhouse is the first step towards greenhouse automation. It makes your life easier and your harvest greater. However, temperature is not the only important parameter to track. Discover how humidity also affects growing performances and how the RuuviTag is also the solution there!

Would you like to have one?

Ruuvi is an easy way to measure environment at your home, hobbies or business. Order now and get hooked with measuring!

RuuviTag – Wireless Temperature Sensor (3-in-1)

RuuviTag – Wireless Temperature Sensor (3-in-1)


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