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Third Party Cellular IoT Gateways for RuuviTag Sensors

There are several cellular gateways available for RuuviTag sensors. These are designed and build by third party manufactures and are not tested or support by Ruuvi Innovations Ltd.

Kaltiot IoT Gateway

Kaltiot IoT Gateway gateway supports standard RuuviTags and also RuuviTags with Kaltiot firmware. The Gateway is equipped with advanced firmware that enables extremely low power consumption. Gateway is available in both a wired version for grid power and a wireless version for battery power for remote use. More information:

Pycom IoT Gateways

IoT platform with different kind of gateways. Software and more information

Digital Matter Remora 3

Digital Matter Remora 3 is a ultra-rugged and versatile IoT asset tracking device that can be used to track the location and as a Bluetooth gateway. More information Supported Bluetooth devices can be found here.