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Victron Energy Has Integrated RuuviTags Into Their Smart Energy Solutions

We are very excited to announce that the Ruuvi temperature and humidity sensors are now supported by Victron Energy!

What is Victron Energy?

Victron Energy (VE) is a Dutch company that is specialized in the design and manufacture of products for battery-based energy systems. Their product range includes sine wave inverters, inverters-chargers, solar chargers, solar panels, and even more. To position themselves as one of the leaders of the industry, VE has also created innovative installation monitoring solutions. The app displays relevant information about e.g charge, or power consumption, and enables parameter adjustment in the blink of an eye. 

Victron Energy system monitoring interface

What is Ruuvi and RuuviTag


How is Ruuvi integrated to Victron solutions?

The update of the VE monitoring system launched at the beginning of 2022 has integrated Ruuvi sensors in it. In other words, you will be able to read Ruuvi sensors’ readings in the app, in addition to the power and consumption information that was already in the app before.

Basically, Ruuvi sensors work as Victron Cerbo GX temperature sensors. Integration is made to be seamless, which means that you can find and attach RuuviTags easily to Victron Cerbo GX.

Sensor view in the VE monitoring app

Thanks to this new integration, it is not only possible to read valuable data on the monitoring screen, but also to set automated actions based on the information provided by the Ruuvi sensors. For example, you can set the system to turn on a fan when the temperature exceeds a specific temperature.

Ruuvi and Victron Energy are sailing together around the world!

S/Y Idun is a Swedish around the world sailing project that exhibits the potential of the new integration of Victron Cerbo GX and Ruuvi’s sensors. The crew is currently refitting an OE32 sailing boat into an electric off-grid-cruiser. The target is obviously to sail as much as possible, but when mechanical propulsion will be needed, it will be provided by a Victron Energy solar power electric system instead of a regular combustion engine. In addition, the boat is also equipped with Ruuvi Sensors to monitor different environments in the boat. All the following sensors and the VE installation are then monitored from the same app thanks to the integration:

  • 3 Standard RuuviTags: one in the fridge, one inside the cabin, and one in the battery compartment to secure the electric installation.
  • 1 RuuviTag Pro: on the deck to monitor the rough and wet conditions faced in the offshore navigation.

They plan to set sail in June 2022 from Stockholm, Sweden. We wish them luck and tailwind for the project! Ruuvi sensor’s batteries are designed to last for 3-4 complete rounds of the world by sailing, so they should not be the first potential reason to cut short the cruise…

RuuviTag sensor in a sailing boat
RuuviTag sensor in a sailing boat

Open the discussion on the Ruuvi Forum and let us know about your project with using Ruuvi’s products as Victron Cerbo GX temperature sensors!

Would you like to integrate RuuviTag sensors to Victron?

RuuviTag is built with open source. This means that it can be easily integrated with other systems, such as Victron. Improve your Victron monitoring with RuuviTag’s environmental sensors!

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