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Victron Temperature Monitoring with RuuviTag Bluetooth Sensors

RuuviTag Bluetooth temperature sensors extend the temperature monitoring capabilities of Victron Cerbo GX and Global Link 520. RuuviTag is the only environmental temperature monitoring sensor for Victron Energy installation. 

If you are looking for a Victron battery temperature monitoring and control system, you can read more about Victron temperature monitoring for batteries here

How to monitor the temperature and humidity with RuuviTag on Victron Energy

RuuviTag sensors are versatile and accurate environmental sensors capable of measuring temperature, air humidity, and air pressure. Using RuuviTag with Victron Energy, users can get more benefits from their energy management systems, make smarter decisions, and prevent damages in properties and assets.

With Victron Energy seamless integration to RuuviTags, environmental data can be read on the monitoring screen, and automated actions can be set based on the information provided by the Ruuvi sensors. 

As images often tell more than words, here is a quick video showing how Ruuvi and Victron Energy products work together.

Benefits for monitoring temperature and humidity with RuuviTag on Victron Energy

Integrating Victron Energy products with RuuviTag sensors provides numerous advantages, such as:

Enhanced monitoring and control: By combining the data from RuuviTag sensors with the information provided by Victron Energy systems, users gain a comprehensive view to monitor not only energy usage but also environmental conditions. This allows for better decision-making, optimization of energy consumption, and monitoring of conditions.

Improved efficiency: By monitoring environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, users can monitor their energy systems and conditions of house, boat, RV van etc.

Increased reliability: RuuviTag sensors provide real-time data that can help detect potential issues before they become critical, allowing users to take preventive measures.

Easy integration: Both RuuviTag sensors and Victron Energy products are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it simple to set up and maintain the integration between the two systems.

The most common temperature measurement uses cases with Victron and Ruuvi

The most common temperature measurement uses cases with Victron and Ruuvi include locations which are typically on the move or self-sufficient regarding energy. Victron makes life easy for nomads whether they use an RV, camper van, boat, or they live in the woods far from nearest neighbors. Ruuvi’s sensors make their life even more convenient by enabling accurate and reliable wireless data to your own system.

Here are the most typical use cases we have heard from our users so far:

RVs and Camper Van Temperature Monitoring

Whether you aim to ensure your pet’s safety within your RV, avoid frozen water lines, preserve frozen foods, or stay informed about outdoor weather conditions, RuuviTags serve as an outstanding RV accessory. They allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, and more within your RV, whether you’re on-site or remotely from anywhere in the world.

RuuviTags work fantastically in a RV or a camper van, as you can view temperatures and humidities from the most important places in your van. Their design is slick but robust, which makes them perfect for use in almost any case!

Check out this video, about the most common places in which RuuviTags are used in a van or RV.

Boats and yachts environmental monitoring

Boats pose challenges for technology devices as high humidity, large temperature variations and corrosion can impose big challenges. But to prevent these conditions from doing damage to your boat and to increase the joyability of boating in general, using RuuviTags should be a no-brainer.

You can use RuuviTags in similiar places as in an RV, but in addition you can monitor bilge and forecast weather with Ruuvi’s sensors’ barometric sensor.

Here is one comment from our satisfied user:

“We love the RuuviTags. We have 6 RuuviTags in our boat (we live on our boat) and the 6 we have are being used for: Freezer Temperature (2 Freezers with a RuuviTag in each Freezer), cockpit conditions – temperature, barometric pressure and humidity and engine room temperature. You have a great product and it has enhanced our boat monitoring capabilities without having to run cables/wiring which is great!”

Off-Grid Victron installations and their needs

Victron enables users to harness the power of renewable energy sources at a desired location. If you install a comprehensive Victron system, adding environmental data is like a cherry on a cake. Optimise heating and ventilation and ensure food safety in cold devices with environmental data.

Can You Monitor Fridge and freezer with RuuviTag?

Yes, you can monitor the fridge and freezer with RuuviTags, as they have a wide operating range. The regular RuuviTag operates from -20°C to +70°C(-4 °F to 160 °F),  so using them in cold devices is completely fine. Even if the temperature decreases below -20 °C(-4 °F), it won’t harm the electronic parts in the regular RuuviTags, as they are made to withstand -40°Cto +85°C(-40°F to 185°F). With RuuviTag Pros, you can achieve a wider operating range. 

Integrating RuuviTag to Cerbo GX or Globallink 520

RuuvTag sensors are broadcasting environmental sensor data in an open format and Victron Cerbo GX or Globallink 520 can receive data  using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Integration is made to be seamless, which means that you can find and attach RuuviTags easily to Victron Cerbo GX or Globallink 520. Data is stored in Victron’s cloud and visible through Victron mobile app Victron Connect or VRM web interface. 

You can also set up automation and controls. For example, if the RuuviTag detects a temperature higher than a certain threshold, it could trigger the Victron system to turn on a cooling device or fan.

What is needed to start monitoring with RuuviTags

Integrating RuuviTag sensors with Victron Energy products is a straightforward process:

  1. Ensure that both the RuuviTag sensors and the Victron Cerbo GX or Globallink 520 are powered on and functioning correctly.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on the Victron Cerbo GX or Globallink 520, if not already enabled. It’s recommended to use external Bluetooth dongle with Victron Cerbo GX to ensure reliable Bluetooth reception. Recommended Bluetooth dongles can be found here.
  3. Place the RuuviTag sensors within range of the Victron Cerbo GX or Globallink 520 (typically within 10 meters).
  4. On the Victron Cerbo GX or Globallink 520, navigate to the “Settings” menu, and then select “Bluetooth.”
  5. Select “Add Bluetooth device” and choose the RuuviTag sensor from the list of available devices.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  7. Once connected, the data from the RuuviTag sensors will be available on the Victron VRM interface, allowing you to monitor and analyze the information.

For the best possible connection and reliability, Victron recommends installing a Bluetooth USB adapter for Cerbo GXr. List of adapters can be found here. Here’s also a great video how to install adapter:

Victron Cerbo GX Temperature Monitoring

All Ruuvi sensors work as Victron Cerbo GX temperature sensors. Integration is made to be seamless, which means that you can find and attach RuuviTags easily to Victron Cerbo GX. See the video how integration works in practice.

GlobalLink 520 Temperature Monitoring

Victron Energy Globallink 520 allows to monitor RuuviTags sensors remotely using global connectivity with 4G LTE-M .This is a perfect solution especially when there’s no local Wi-Fi network available. Installation is very simple setup via VictronConnect. Temperature, air humidty and air pressure from the RuuviTag sensors, will directly be available in Victron VRM.

Where to buy RuuviTag temperature sensor for Victron Energy

If you desire to feel the RuuviTags in real-life before purchasing them, it is possible through our large reseller network, Ruuvi’s own website, and Amazon.

  • Find your closest retailer selling Ruuvi’s products from here.
  • See all Ruuvi products on Ruuvi’s own webshop, click here.
  • Find Ruuvi products on Amazon, click here.

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