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What Are the Differences Between RuuviTag Models?

Currently there are three different models of RuuviTag. Each model has been designed to fulfill a slightly different purpose but they all are accurate wireless thermometers. In this article, we’re going to go through the main differences between RuuviTag models, so that you can choose the best model for your use purpose.

In general, there is the basic RuuviTag and two RuuviTag Pro models. The basic model is the first product from Ruuvi. It measures air temperature, air humidity, air pressure and movement of the sensor. You can easily recognize the original RuuviTag from the other models from the color of the sensor; RuuviTag is white while RuuviTag Pros are black.

RuuviTag Pro is a newer model of RuuviTag designed to be used in more challenging and tough environments and especially for businesses. RuuviTag Pros have a more accurate temperature sensor and it has mounting screw holes in its enclosure. There are two different models of RuuviTag Pro: RuuviTag Pro 3in1 and RuuviTag Pro 2in1.

RuuviTag Pro 3in1 has a breathing membrane hole on its enclosure making it capable of measuring air temperature, air humidity and movement of the sensor.

RuuviTag Pro 2in1 is a fully sealed version and it’s tested for waterproof. This means that it can be submerged underwater but it isn’t capable of measuring air humidity or air pressure. Thus, it measures two variables: air temperature and movement of the sensor.

RuuviTag vs RuuviTag Pro
NameRuuviTag 4in1 Wireless Bluetooth SensorRuuviTag Pro 3in1 Wireless Bluetooth SensorRuuviTag Pro 2in1 Wireless Bluetooth Sensor
Temperature sensor (Typical accuracy)Yes, ±0,2 °C @ 5…60 °CYes, ±0,1 °C @ -20…50 °CYes, ±0,1 °C @ -20…50 °C
Air humidity sensor (typical accuracy)Yes, ±2% @ 20…80%Yes, ±2% @ 20…80%No
Air pressure sensorYes, ±1 hPaNoNo
Acceleration sensorYesYesYes
IP RatingIP67IP67IP68 & IP69K
Battery life (typical)12-24 months12-24 months12-24 months
Internal memory10 days @ 5 minutes interval10 days @ 5 minutes interval10 days @ 5 minutes interval
Out of the box operating temperatures -20 ºC … +70 ºC (with std. battery)-40 ºC … +85 ºC-40 ºC … +85 ºC
Weight25 grams38 grams38 grams
Works with Ruuvi Gateway (remote monitoring)YesYesYes
Made inEurope/FinlandEurope/FinlandEurope/Finland
Mounting holes + Screws includedWith additional silicone holderYesYes

How to choose the best model for you?

Choosing the best model for you depends on the place you intend to use the RuuviTag. If you want to measure water temperature or temperature in general in a place that is really humid, you should choose RuuviTag Pro 2in1. Keep in mind that water obstructs Bluetooth signals heavily and you are not able to measure deep water temperature continuously.

If you want to measure air pressure, then you should opt for RuuviTag 4in1. It’s the only sensor with a barometric pressure sensor. In general, RuuviTag is a viable option for most use cases.

If you think that the sensor may take some hits and the environment you want to use it in is hot or cold, then you should choose RuuviTag Pro 3in1. This model works well for businesses as it is easy to attach and it is slightly more accurate than RuuviTag 4in1.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a RuuviTag model is sensor step time. The more a sensor has mass, the slower its measurements change. RuuviTag Pro has more mass (38 g versus 25 g) thus it’s slower in reacting to changes. You can read more about step times here.

What is the best RuuviTag model to be used outside?

Generally, the regular RuuviTag is the best option to be an outside sensor. The regular RuuviTag has a barometer, which can be useful in predicting weather. It also has wide enough operating conditions and with our silicone holder, it is easily attachable to most places. You must install it vertically on a wall so that water cannot sit on top of the breathing membrane hole.

Also, if you are looking for an outside temperature monitor, make sure not to place the RuuviTag in direct sunlight, as it messes up the measurement heavily.

But if you are trying to measure air temperature in a really moist environment or in a place with high risk of the sensor being in water/snow for a long period of time, you should choose RuuviTag Pro 2in1 because of its waterproof enclosure.

What is the best RuuviTag model to be used inside?

For inside air measurements, the regular RuuviTag is your choice. It has less mass compared to Pro versions, which makes it faster at reacting to new conditions. You can place it in a stand or in the silicone holder for added installment options.

What is the best RuuviTag model to be used in a camper van?

There are plenty of different use cases for RuuviTag in a camper van or recreational vehicle. We have a full article about using RuuviTag in a RV here. But shortly, here are our recommendations:

Outside and inside of RV

See the previous texts

In fridge

A regular RuuviTag works well in the fridge.

In freezer

A regular RuuviTag works well in the freezer as well.

In engine or battery room

RuuviTag Pro 3in1 or 2in1 suits this more rugged need. They are also easier to attach to these locations.

Which RuuviTag do I choose for my sauna?

You can use a standard RuuviTag in the sauna, as long as you don’t place it in the hottest spot and keep the battery temperature limits in mind.

The RuuviTag Pro 3in1 is also ideal for the sauna.

Read more about sauna measurement in this article.

What are the differences between IP67, IP68 and IP69K ratings?

IP67 tolerates wet conditions only temporarily. It can be used outside as long as the breathing membrane will not stay wet for more than 30 minutes. Also, if you use these devices in an environment where relative air humidity is close to 100% for longer periods, there is a risk of water condensing inside the RuuviTag. This can possibly impose problems to the device.

IP68 certification ensures that RuuviTag Pro  will function in water depth of up to 50 meters for 24 hours.

IP69K means that the unit has undergone a challenging set of tests to ensure that it offers protection against penetration of high pressure and high temperature water of 80 °C.

You can read more about IP-ratings here.

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