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Acceleration or Movement Measurement

Gravity component

Some of the Ruuvi sensors are equipped with a 3 axis accelerometer. Check the product page to know which of our products are equipped with accelerometers. Discover how to benefit from this feature here.

These sensors use a gravity component (proper acceleration) when measuring acceleration, which means that your sensor is accelerating roughly at 1G=9.81 m/s2 (or 1000 mG) towards the center of the Earth. The measurement result will vary slightly based on your altitude and geological location.

Gravity over 3 axes

Please keep in mind that the sensor is measuring acceleration on 3 axes. Depending on the position of the sensor, the total 1G acceleration might be divided over the 3 compounds (X,Y,Z).

Movement sensor feature in RuuviTag

Movement is measured at 10 Hz rate. The tag is keeping a 254-level counter which rolls back to zero, movement is incremented when acceleration exceeds the threshold of 64 mG in any axis. Acceleration has to fall under 64 mG before the next event is counted. Logged data does not contain movement events as of right now.