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Your Home Temperature: Ways to Measure & Optimise It

Depending on the seasons and your location, beating the heat or cold can prove to be quite the challenge in one’s home. It is tempting to turn up the AC or buy fans during warmer months, yet there are many more options to keep it cool at home.

On the other hand, during winter, the easiest way to deal with is to blast the heating, resulting in massive heat loss and expensive bills. Of course, the ideal temperature depends on many factors, including one’s preferences.

There are multiple ways to better the temperatures inside a home or an office, and to monitor them while you are away. To control it and react accordingly not only helps to save money, it also brings greater comfort.

A room that is too hot can make sleep difficult, as experienced by many on hot days. It would help if you also were careful with heating in winter. Depending on one’s habits and preferences, the ideal temperature for sleep is around 17 to 20 Celsius degrees. Furthermore, different rooms of your home have different temperature needs. In case you are lucky to have a sauna in your home, the temperature should, of course, be way up when using it!

Ruuvi Home Temperature Measurement in Sauna
Photo by Sara Kuusivuo

Why control and monitor the temperature?

The main argument here is money. To facilitate the way you deal with warmth or cold can help significantly to reduce costly bills. Additionally, it can also improve your sleep, make life more comfortable, and protect your belongings (for example, electronics can overheat during summer).

As for heating, somewhere around 17 to 19 degrees seems to be the optimum temperature for health and wealth. This, of course, depends on many conditions: individual preferences, how cold it is outside, quality of insulation, etc. Each Celsius degree above this results in a drastic increase of your bill, simply because a house loses less heat. In other words, raising the heating becomes less and less efficient. In the winter, it is recommended to lower the night when people sleep and during the day when people are not at home.

Picture illustrating that you get better sleep with optimal temperature
Photo by Bruce Mars

Great ways to control the inside of your home – Meet our app.

Timing is everything. You may lower the heating when sleeping and even stop all appliances when away.

As obvious as it may seem, keeping your home as sealed as possible by closing doors and windows is a simple and efficient way of retaining heat — or fresh air if we are talking about air conditioning during summer days. Shutting the blinds during hot days also prevents compounding the warmth of the rooms. On the other hand, opening your windows and letting outside air flow in is easy to mitigate extreme conditions within your place.

As for long term investments, you may replace old appliances with modern ones, which consume less energy and perform better. You might also want to compare technology that helps you to attain the ideal room temperature.

Ruuvi Home Temperature in Bedroom
Photo by Iam3rdmedia

Programmable thermostats allow for maintenance of cost-efficient standards while people are away from home and to set a change in advance by programming a time thirty minutes before coming home or waking up to raise the heat to the desired level.

Furthermore, there are air-to-air heat pumps or water-to-air heat pumps if you are interested in digging into some more alternatives. Heat pumps are more and more popular in Europe. You may expect the one-time investment soon to be covered, as air pumps pay themselves quickly back. Keeping up ideal temperature levels is smooth and straightforward with them, as most pumps can be monitored with a smartphone.

Monitor the temperature with RuuviTags. For an optimal inside house environment.

Monitoring room temperature with a smartphone — this leads us to RuuviTag! One great way to check the temperature is to use RuuviTags: simple, efficient and connected through the Ruuvi Station app; these sensors can be placed virtually anywhere and provide users with information 24/7.

More accurate than thermometers, they prove to be convenient to use. For example, you can set an alert in case it gets too hot or too cold or check the evolution of parameters through graphics. That way, it is not necessary to be home to ensure that everything is as you want it to be.

A RuuviTag in its original packaging
The sensors known as RuuviTags can be purchased in sustainable carton packages. Photo by Michaela Giles.

Not only is temperature critical, but humidity also plays a role in how you feel. Luckily, the RuuviTags allows its users to monitor these factors and more. Make sure your place is fresh or warm according to your preferences easily!

RuuviTag for Home Temperature Measurement
Photo by Sara Kuusivuo
Buy RuuviTag to Optimize Your Home Air
With RuuviTag, you will be able to tell the real temperatures and humidities inside your home

Buy RuuviTag to Optimize Your Home Air

With RuuviTag, you will be able to tell the real temperatures and humidities inside your home


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