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Gateway connection error or reset

Gateway reset

To reset Ruuvi Gateway press the button under power connector with pin delivered with the gateway or a paper clip for 10 seconds to do a factory reset.

Gateway not connected to Internet and not sending data to Ruuvi Cloud

If your gateway has lost the connection to Internet or Ruuvi Cloud, please use the following steps (gateway power light is flashing red and green). When the gateway is connected to Internet, solid green light will appear.

It’s recommended to connect Ruuvi Gateway with Ethernet cable connection to avoid possible problems with the Wi-Fi network.

Ethernet connection (network cable RJ-45)

  1. Check that other devices connected to same Internet router are connected to Internet.
    • After a power outage it’s common that Internet routers might not connect to Internet. Resetting router or turning it OFF and ON typically fixes the problem with the Internet.
    • Good way to avoid issues with Internet router connection problems is set automatic restart every day or every week.
  2. Check that the Ethernet cable is connected, remove it from the both ends and connect it again. Try different Ethernet cable if available.
  3. Reset Ruuvi Gateway: press the button under power connector with pin delivered with the gateway or a paper clip for 10 seconds to do a factory reset (release when solid RED).
  4. Try to connected gateway using Wi-Fi instead of cable connection.
    • Remove Ethernet cable from the Ruuvi Gateway
    • Press gateway reset button shortly (1 second) and Gateway Hotspot “RuuviGateway XXXX” will appear to your computer’s or mobile phone’s Wi-Fi list. After connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot, your device may ask you to sign in to the network. Next, a new browser window with the correct configuration page will open automatically. But if not, open your web browser and type and press enter. Follow the onscreen instructions in order to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.
  5. Contact to Ruuvi customer service for further troubleshooting. Check the gateway ID from the bottom of the device.

Typical issues which can cause Ruuvi Gateway not to establish connection to Internet

  • Firewall will prevent gateway to sync a real time clock from the server.
  • Network firewall and settings will prevent connections outside the local network

Ruuvi Gateway LED light indication explanations

Please see here explanation how gateway LED can be interpret (right side of USB-C connector):

To avoid connection problems, it’s recommended use UPS battery power to keep devices ON during short power outages. It will also protect devices from the sudden voltage drops or peaks.