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Quick Start – Ruuvi Gateway

Follow this easy guide to set up your remote monitoring system in no time.

1. Plug the Ruuvi Gateway

Use the included wire to power the Ruuvi Gateway.

2. Connect Ruuvi Gateway to the Internet


Wired Ethernet connection offers the most reliable Internet connectivity. We suggest using it whenever available. To use an Ethernet connection, just connect your Ruuvi Gateway to your Internet router with an Ethernet cable and power up the Gateway using a power supply. That’s it! You can proceed directly to step 3.


If you prefer to use a Wi-Fi connection instead, first connect a power source to the Gateway and a new connectable Wi-Fi hotspot will appear. Connect to the hotspot with your Wi-Fi enabled mobile or desktop device.

Wi-Fi hotspot: RuuviGatewayXXXX
Password: 12345678

Note! Never firmware versions – If you are connecting to Gateway through Gateway Hotspot “RuuviGateway XXXX” no password is needed.

After connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot, your device may ask you to sign in to the network. Next, a new browser window with the correct configuration page will open automatically. But if not, open your web browser and type and press enter. Follow the onscreen instructions in order to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

3. Claim your sensors on the Ruuvi Station mobile app

Ruuvi Gateway is now functional and it’s continuously routing nearby sensors’ data securely to the Ruuvi cloud. Only you can access the data of the sensors owned by you. See lower for sharing the sensor.

Now, let‘s tell the cloud which sensors are owned by you.

If you have already configured Ruuvi sensors on your mobile app: open menu -> sign in -> go to the sensor that is owned by you -> claim your sensor ownership on the settings view of the sensor.

If you don’t yet have Ruuvi sensors configured on your app, or if you are adding a new one: add it first on the app. Then go to the sensor settings view and claim the ownership.

New web interface

Once your ownership has been set up, you can access data of the sensors stored in the cloud. In addition to the mobile app, you can access your sensors via our new web interface on

Use the same email address in mobile app and web app. You will receive a one time login code to your inbox. Your login session will stay valid until you log out or clear the cache on your web browser.

Sharing your sensors

Now you can share your sensors with your friends and family. Go to the sensor settings view on the mobile app to share the sensor. Your friend will get an email notification and will be able to see your sensor on his/her Ruuvi Station. (Please note that your friend will be able to see the name and the background image of the sensor.)

Reconfiguring your Gateway

If you want to reconfigure your Gateway (for example in case of changing your Wi-Fi password), press the small configuration button for a short time, found under the power socket. The button is located inside the gateway and it is accessible from outside with a thin pin. You have to stick the pin inside the gateway until you feel or hear a small pop. Then the reset button is pressed down.

The Gateway will change to the configuration mode and you can start again from step 1.

If you want to reset the Gateway to the factory settings, press the same button for 10 seconds.

Configuring Gateway over the Ethernet

First login:

If you connect through local area network, you need to authenticate with user “Admin” and password “XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX” printed in sticker under the Gateway.

Configuration wizard allows you to set up advanced authentication options, if you lose your log in information press the button under power connector with a reset pin or a paper clip for 10 seconds to do a factory reset and login again with default.

Are you an advanced user?

Ruuvi Gateway can also be configured to your liking.

Read more about advanced configuration.

Join the Gateway discussion

You can reach out to our team and fellow Gateway users on the Ruuvi Forum at: