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History view: Scan Interval In Ruuvi Station

Ruuvi Station scans and updates sensor values in the app according to set intervals. History view is able to show the measurement history for a maximum of 10 days on the Ruuvi Station mobile app. A longer measurement history is available on the Ruuvi Station Web app depending on your subscription plan (requires Ruuvi Cloud Basic or higher).

Ruuvi Station mobile records sensor values in four different ways:

  • Local Bluetooth sensor values are updated once per 2.5 seconds, when Ruuvi Station is in the foreground, or
  • Local Bluetooth sensor values are recorded according to Background scanning interval settings, when Ruuvi Station is in the background, or
  • Local Bluetooth sensor values are imported by manually synchronising sensor data over Bluetooth, or
  • Sensor values are synchronised from Ruuvi Cloud (requires Ruuvi Gateway router)

To change background scanning intervals (Bluetooth), please go to App Settings -> Background Scanning. You can also enable or disable background scanning here. 

This setting doesn’t affect the interval used to synchronise sensor data and settings to your Ruuvi Station app from the Ruuvi cloud. Cloud synchronisation intervals are defined in your subscription plan (requires Ruuvi Gateway router) and cannot be adjusted in the app.

Important notice: depending on the model of your mobile device, background scanning can be more reliable when the phone is connected to a charger and when any form of power management settings are disabled for the Ruuvi Station app in the operating system settings (Android).